On Not Having a Plan...

I like the Colette Wardrobe Architect series, but it's much too structured for me.  Printing out worksheets and such-like...reminds me of work.  But I have been thinking about my style recently and suddenly I found myself clearing out my dresser drawers.

I'm somewhat surprised to find that even things I bought as recently as last summer are turning me off.  I think I'm in a transitional period...much like my age, or my life in general for that matter!  So things I bought last summer are suddenly looking a little too gamine...

I haven't gotten rid of those things yet.  So far I've allowed myself only to donate stuff that I have had for at least 5 years and that I wear a maximum of 3 times a year.  In reality I think I've had the stuff for closer to 10 years and I wear them once a year!  They are looking faded and - while serviceable - they don't inspire me.  So I'm giving them away so maybe they will inspire someone else...or at the least, be useful, which they definitely are not just sitting in the drawer.

This whole process of letting go of some long term companions (clothes) has led me to think about the concept of courage.  I say this process, but really that's just the tip of the iceberg.  I should say that my recent divorce and other drama has brought me to this, but the clothes thing has contributed, and this is a sewing blog, so...here we are.

Anyhow, I've been thinking about the courage of letting go.  And of just saying "no, I'm not okay with that, I don't agree and I'm not going to do it.

And this also brings me to the topic of being authentic.  We all cultivate an image...consciously or not.  I know I censure the heck out of myself on this blog, otherwise every other word would be a curse word for some posts.  But I have to ask myself why I do that.  Why do I try to soften the edges?  I suppose that's part of living in a society...the very bread and butter of being social.  If we all went around expressing our emotions at level 10 all of the time...well, frankly I don't know what would happen.

It's a fine line, trying to balance "being yourself" and respecting other people.  Because if being yourself means being a total #@!hole and constantly putting your needs first...I suppose that's the ultimate in "selfness"... and then we just end up with ourselves.  So, because most of us don't want to be socially isolated, we make an effort to compromise and yet not f*&k ourselves over at the same time.  It's a fine line, I tell you, and I find it's a problem that even occurs in blogging!  Because blogging is social.

Whew, I feel better now.

So, getting back to the vestment divestment...I'm letting go of these clothes, even though I like them and have fond memories of activities I did in them, or of the people who gifted them to me.  I'm letting go because they are taking up space and I don't use them anymore.  And I'll still have the memories without the objects.

En revanche, I would really like to start sewing again and I'm cooking up some ideas to fill in the gaps...and maybe help me participate in Me-Made-May again this year.  So, stay tuned, if that floats your boat. ;)


  1. I really did enjoy working through the WA series last year--it really was good for me to consciously think through what colors and styles I feel the most myself in, and I think that it'll be helpful in the future for really considering what patterns/fabric I want to buy, rather than just jumping on the latest pattern release bandwagon. Of course, right now, I can't wear anything that's my most favored style (fitted waists)! And I think I am going to have to take a good, hard look at my closet once the baby comes and my body gets to its new normal, to re-evaluate what still fits and what still works with the more at-home lifestyle that I'm going to have for awhile.

    That is the great thing about blogging--it's easier to keep those memories, even if you don't have the clothes anymore!

  2. Sewing wise I find having a plan stifles me. I understand the concept of wardrobe architect but I can't bring myself to do it, it sucks some of the joy out of sewing for me. I get bored of reading of peoples endless plans of what they would like to make/feel like they should make and then never seeing the items get sewn as the blogger has spent all their time planning rather than sitting at the machine.
    I find that I can part with garments I have sewn far easier than shop bought items! not really sure what the reason for that is! I find it very difficult to part with fabric as well, even it I think it will look rubbish on me I still hoard it 'just in case'

  3. The whole WA exercise just seemed like too much work to me - I don't have the time or desire to devote my limited energy to such analysis. I have got rid of clothes that don't suit me or are sagging and faded - quite a lot I think. It seems you are going through so many life changes, I wish you well and I am looking forward to seeing what you sew when you return to it. :)

  4. I *just* read a post about an interesting technique for de-cluttering: http://whatkatiesews.net/konmari-ing-my-me-made-wardrobe/

    Basically, the idea is to keep the things that "spark joy" in your life and to chuck the things that don't. It's a pretty interesting idea and I'm definitely checking out the book that Katie read.

    Personally, the WA project seems like homework, and I'm not the school type! :) I think it's smart to consider what you like to wear, what you feel most confident in, or what you would pay any amount for if you saw in the store, and to sew along those lines. It took me a really long time to figure out my own style and what I liked, and as you mentioned, it totally changes with time and circumstances. But I think you can sort that out without filling out a ton of worksheets (unless that really floats your boat!).

  5. I also thought about doing the WA but then I realized that I don't enjoy being that planned out and methodical. ;) It's good getting rid of things you don't use, though. Not that I'm much good at it. But at least it makes room for new pretties. :)

  6. I also thought about doing the WA but then I realized that I don't enjoy being that planned out and methodical. ;) It's good getting rid of things you don't use, though. Not that I'm much good at it. But at least it makes room for new pretties. :)


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