The computer is dead, long live the tablet

Only, not really 'cuz I hate typing on my tablet! Reading is ok, but typing is a hassle. I just had to correct four typos in that last sentence, gah!

Anyhow, part of my blog silence is due to computer death. I still don't have a replacement. Its absence has showed me just how dependent we are. You need a computer to do so so so many things nowadays. You call a company for information and they tell you to go to their website ... and don't give you the info you need. Ok, end old lady rant.

So I still have no finished projects, unless you count coloring, which I've been doing lots of. So in lieu of a show and tell, I'm going to share with you my Halloween costume plans. I've decided to throw a Halloween party for the first time in France. It falls on a Saturday this year, can't pass up that opportunity.

I've decided to go steampunk. I'm using some things I already have in my closet: boots, stockings, a top, a skirt and some jewelry. So I need/would like to buy a corset or fake corset, a wig and maybe some accessories.  Plus we're doing matchy-matchy as the hosts, so my boyfriend needs a waistcoat and a hat and a shirt. He has some suitable accessories already and the pants and shoes are good to go.

We don't have time to fashion our costumes ourselves from whole cloth, so I am looking to buy some stuff. I discovered this French-based company - - which has cute stuff but is a little more than I'd like to pay. Incidentally, they also have rockabilly and swing style stuff too. An interesting site.

While trawling the internet I noticed that Walmart - Walmart!  - sells steampunk stuff. I guess I didn't realize how mainstream it is! seems like the costumes for guys are less elaborate. It's more about the accessories...

I have no pictures as of yet and in any case I'm having a devil of a time trying to load anything up here. Must be a slow internet connection. But I will leave you will a podcast recommendation:  About NYC history and excellent excellent excellent!!


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