Steampunk in Nantes

This is a follow-up on my Halloween prep. blog entry.  BUT it's not photos of the Halloween party!  We went to Nantes this weekend and I took advantage of the visit to reuse some elements from the Halloween costume and do a little steampunk photo session at Les Machines de l'Ile, a Jules Verne-based mini theme-park in the city.  You can check out their website at

I'm the photographer here, so you won't see my costume featured.  But I made the hat decoration, the jabot, and I spraypainted the waistcoat. ;)

The hat decroation took me the longest.  You saw the preparation in the last blog entry.  It took a while for the waistcoat to dry, but the spraypainting part was fast.  However, it really only looks good from far away.  Lots of to be expected from spraypainting an old waistcoat!

And the jabot was simply glued together (it was down to the wire, folks!) using bits of old lace, and then just folded to the appropriate width and pinned on the shirtcollar.

In front of the massive carrousel:

Now overlooking an old vessel in the Loire river, Nantes being an important port on the Atlantic.   I highly recommend visiting the city - there was some very cool stuff to see and do!

The model taking a break, with his very non-steam-based-technology cellular phone:

The only things sewed in this endeavor were some decorative buttons.  Oh the magic of glue!

I took so many photos it was hard to choose!  So I made collages to comprise.  OK, OK, one nice, last close-up:

Bisous from Nantes!!!!


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