Colette Wardrobe Architect: Style Inspiration

The last time I tried to fill out the Colette Wardrobe Architect worksheets I just thought they were so TEDIOUS!  Now I have more free time and am enjoying the process. 

The first worksheets have you think about your style/wardrobe from a philosophical perspective.  But also practical influences.  I am probably like most people in that I have a slightly different style for work than for off-work.  Most of my clothing choices are made to be functional at work because that's where I am most of the time.  Although I do change clothes when I arrive home, so I should think about making some more loungewear.  And I have nothing else to say about worksheet one, so moving on!

The second worksheet is entitled Defining a Core Style.  While doing this worksheet, I have chosen the following women to represent my real AND aspirational style.  So, in no particular order:

Lucy Liu's Dr. Watson from Elementary
Jennifer Morrison's Emma from Once Upon a Time
Jaime Murray's Helena (HG Wells) from Warehouse 13
Katherine Hepburn in real life.

So, I lied; there is some order.  Lucy Liu's character isn't wearing wearing trousers!

I realize that the outfits pictured are all fall/winter appropriate.  That is how I dress for the majority of the year so I'm just going with it.  I can do a spring/summer version later if I feel like it.

So, lately I have been wearing short, fluffy skirts with tights when it's cold, like Dr. Watson.  Combined with boots and a jacket or cardigan or pullover, like Dr. W.  This is a combination that I am comfortable with AND it does double-duty because I can wear the skirts in warm weather too.  I do also wear pencil skirts in a similar combination, but they read as older and more conservative, so I am less excited about them.  But some situations need more gravitas, so I'll keep them alive.

For example, minus the cigarette smoke:

 I have no proof of me wearing a fluffy skirt like Watson; I'll try to remedy that soon.

Emma in OUAT represents more of my off-work style: skinny jeans and/or leggings, plus a cropped jacket and some sort of top.  My tops probably tend to be more tunicy and flowy than Emma's tops (such as those sported by Watson), so I think I can take a lesson from her and try something more cropped.

I often wear flat-heeled boots like those Emma has on below, but I have recently started wearing heeled boots too.  But NOT stilettos or a thin heel.  I prefer a solid, chunky heel and 2 1/2 inches would be perfect.

Again, I lack photographic evidence of me dressed like this!

I read HG's style and Katherine Hepburn's style as being similar: menswear for women.  I like (and wear) wide-legged pants combined with a sharp, button-down shirt.  And a jacket for fancier moments.  I do not have a waistcoat anymore, but I would love to acquire/make one again.

This is a look that I wear both off and on-work.  And I also combine it with a more slim-fitting trouser like HG does here:

I DO have evidence of me sporting wide-legged pants and a button-down shirt...

I know I'm not smiling, but in the smiling photo you can't see the pants as well. Priorities!

As well as another jacket and slacks combo.  And I was on vacation (or dancing) during all of these photos!

So what does all this wardrobe and style analysis tell me?!?  Not much new.  I was already aware that I had those preferences and practices.  I guess this just confirms that I feel like it works for me, so perhaps I should focus on making separates that can go in these categories, and not stray too far out of range. 

We'll see; I think there is room for some other silhouettes in my life.  I will continue to wear these, for sure, but I don't want to pigeon-hole myself either.  In my outfit photos, I only made the Beignet skirt and the plaid sleeveless top.  I can see myself making another long-sleeve button-down shirt, or attempting some wide-legged pants.  But my immediate sewing plans are a little different...

For those of you who have gone through the Wardrobe Architect worksheets, what did you get out of it ultimately??

Plus, here's a sneak-peek of what I'm currently working on:

RAARRRR!!!! We HATE taping together patterns!


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