Moving Forward

My first post in 2016 was sort of an accident, but I'm leaving it up there, as reference for me if nothing else!  I'm terrible at round-ups and those sort of posts, but I do want to sorta explain where things are headed (I think).

2015 was a transition year for me.  First year post-divorce, for one thing.  And for at least half of the year I believed that I would be soon setting sail for another continent.  Ultimately, I'm staying put for the time being.  I can only say that I'll be here for another year.  Beyond that, maybe not.  However, I was still living with cardboard moving boxes in my apartment because I hadn't wanted to invest in furniture with a move imminent.  I have had quite enough of that.  So, one trip to Ikea later, I bought another bookcase and a nightstand, and things are looking distinctly better. I still have exactly three (big) cardboard boxes in the apartment, but the contents mainly need to be recycled or donated.  So I anticipate getting rid of those pretty soon. 

Yay, shelves!

AND, I'm going to order a sofa.  And buy a rug.  I'm very excited about that.  My places to sit down are currently limited to one armchair, a desk chair, a stool, and my bed.  So it's been a bit difficult to invite friends over like that.  Plus the whole boxes thing.  I don't have a kitchen table or dining room or anything.  I eat on my desk.  It's a studio, yo!  Sooo, perhaps I could buy a side table or coffee table or something to go with the sofa.  Just now thought of that.  Anyhow, so a big priority is making my apartment more comfy and cute.  More like a home.

2015 was not a big crafting/creating year for me.  I worked on things, but didn't finish much.  I mainly worked a lot, ate, and danced.  This year I'm changing priorities.  I worked the max in hours I could last year and still had rather meager earnings.  So, it's crystal-clear to me that I cannot stay in that job if that's my only source of income. 

I'm going about finding a solution to that in a perhaps unusual way.  I am convinced that changing firms won't help.  The profession is simply sadly underpaid.  So I need to prepare to change professions.  In France.  Ha!  One aspect of life in France that I am continually baffled by is the administrative redtape associated with practically every aspect of life.  Things I never could have imagined being regulated by a state/government, are regulated by the state.  Such as changing professions.

Anyhow, so I'm staying true to my American roots and just trying to do my own thing, even when it's unconventional.  I'll be posting a bit about that on the blog as it progresses.

In order to transition to a new profession, I need preparation time, so I've cut down my work hours.  Which also means I have some time again for crafting and being creative in general.  As well as reorganizing my house, cleaning, and doing those basic things that were often neglected last year.

I had time to finish one more project before the end of 2015, my Macaron shirt.  I haven't had time/been inspired to take proper photos of it, but here's a quickie that I took, before hemming:

You can just see some boxes in the crook of my arm there.  Well guess what, those boxes are gone now, yippee!!

Anyhow, I think I said it in a previously blog post, but I gotta stop making tops by Colette.  They just aren't drafted for someone of my proportions.  And I like to minimize the fitting adjustments.  I had a dickens of a time setting in the sleeves, but the second sleeve was perhaps an impovement over the first.  I think that I'm pleased overall with the finished product, but I'll tell you more after I've worn it!


  1. I'm glad you've been able to get settled a bit. And good luck with those career changes! I'm crossing my fingers for you!


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