Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jewelry Making + a Sneak Peek

I've been refreshing my jewelry-making skills.  Here's my most recent creation (last night, ha!) all curled up resting while the glue is drying.  Speaking of, the close-up helps me see a glob there to scrape off!

I was inspired by a tutorial I spotted on Pinterest.  I didn't quite have the materials on hand to follow the tutorial to the letter, so I adapted it to make use of what I have, but I'm pretty happy with the result.  It's a double-wrap bracelet.  I was going for a necklace, but it turned out a wee too small for that.  Measure twice, cut once, whoops!

I plan to actually follow the tutorial to the letter one day though, and when I do I'll link to it.

So basically the bracelet is made from braids of embroidery floss, plus some beaded yarn, and a length of chain.  I had thought about adding some dangling beads, but I think this bracelet has enough going on already.  Oh yeah, plus I threaded some hardware along the floss to punk it up a little.

And here's a sneak peek of a sewing project I finally finished today.  It had sat nearly finished for several weeks.  I just didn't have the time to get to it before that!  And who knows when I'll get photos with a for now, feast your eyes on another close-up:

And I hope you're all ready for the week ahead!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Color Work

I fell off the bandwagon a bit with the Colette Wardrobe Architect project, but I'm back now!

I recently made these color palettes for the fall season, using the Colour Lovers website :

And several years ago I made this bright palette, which I think still represent my colors for spring and summer...

You can see a repetition of colors in various tonalities, like the greens.  And I don't seem to have any purples, but I quite like purple.  It's true that I don't have much in my wardrobe though.

Anyhow, I've been to the bead shop that's a stone's throw away from my apartment to get some supplies for my WIPs.


And, of course, what would I do without my precious cat help?

And now to completely change subjects, I would just like to acknowledge the enormous tensions in France nowadays.  Today there are more student protests against a proposed labor law and law enforcement has decided to use tear gas in Rennes...

I say tensions in France, but I should say in the world.  Every day there is a new tragedy.  I find myself at a loss for words.  I am grieved, shocked, outraged; I think I feel rather powerless in the face of it all.  I drove past the Bataclan in Paris the other day...and I couldn't help but think that life goes on in spite of it all.  New babies are born; new discoveries are made; some people make peace and others war.

In fact, the ongoing project that I've been working on was born as a direct result of the massacre at the Bataclan.  Not to say that the theme is related, but just that I reacted to it with a newfound passion for life, and a lessening of inner criticisms.  And it's helped me reconnect with my meditation practice and walk the walk, do the work, so to speak.

So here's a big hug to all my readers and the universe in general.  Bisous tout le monde, I'm wishing you well!!!!!