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Quilt Block Design : The Adventure Begins

You may have noticed that I've been posting some photos of quilts and quilt blocks recently, whereas I normally talk about garment sewing or knitting or even embroidery.  Well, I recently started quilting (again) after a very long hiatus.  I had a specific project in mind when I picked it back up and my vision was more for an art quilt rather than a traditional block.  So I designed a block (and an entire quilt) around my concept, which I then went about heavily modifying!   My original idea included embroidery and appliqué, none of which I included in the final project.  I still have my original sketches for the project and maybe one day I'll go back and actually make that version, but I'm quite happy with the detour that my project took because it ended up with me designing a quilt pattern not just for my own use, but for others as well.  Designing and writing instructions for others to follow is quite the adventure, as I'm sure many of you know first-hand!  It's

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