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My New Crafty Business: Fil Volant!

Today I want to share some exciting news!   I’ve started an on-line business specializing in quilting fabrics and supplies, called Fil Volant .   I’m also putting together a line of my own patchwork patterns, of which the first one is available, called Jeu de Miroir.   I posted here about the development of this pattern back in March, but in reality, it's been months and months in the making.  There are a couple of photos below, but there are a lot more on the blog on the Fil Volant website. You can visit the website at  Fil Volant , the FB page at or follow the links to the Instagram and Pinterest accounts. My patchwork patterns are available for purchase to anyone with internet access, in both English and French, as downloadable PDF files.   However, for the time being, I can only ship the fabric and other tangible products to countries within the European Union.   I mean to continue this blog as a personal blog where I can talk about crafty things

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