New Toys

I mentioned in my last post that my birthday is this month and my big birthday present arrived today: a new camera!

I've never had a DSLR. I've had my compact digital camera for a while now and before that I had (and still have) an SLR. So I have to figure out how this new toy works...which might be a bit difficult because I don't seem to have the manual in English. Unless that's it there as the electronic version.

And the other part of my birthday present is sewing related:

So maybe my cuffs and sleeve plackets will be better next time and I can figure out how to do a fly front (eventually). :)


  1. Oooo...Making Trousers??? That sounds fabulous!

  2. I leafed through the book and it looks awesome. Very detailed though; a lot of information to process!

  3. Happy birthday Donna!
    Oooh, a new camera, that is a lovely present! I hope you had a lovely day.


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