Link to an Obi-Style Belt Tutorial

In case you don't follow the Sew Mama Sew store blog, I thought I'd share something I found over there yesterday. They have a tutorial for making an obi-style belt out of one quilting fat-quarter.

Images from the Sew Mama Sew website:

You can download (for free) a pdf with the pattern piece. Granted, the pattern piece is really basic, so you could also draw it yourself! But I still thought it was a cool tutorial and I'm putting this on my (long) mental list of things to do with my leftover fabric.

They regularly feature fun tutorials on the blog, but they tend to be geared toward crafting and not garment sewing.


  1. every color!

  2. Thank you for the link. I used to read Sew Mama Sew but just ran out of time in the day to keep up with it! I do like obi belts but haven't ever made one. One more to add to the list! I don't have much of a waist at the moment though but hopefully it return! I think a mini one would be cute on my little girl and a good way to use of scraps. xx


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