Snow in November

The night before last, the Loiret (and nearby departments) got a lot of snow.  It even made the national news!  The news said it snowed up to 20 cm in some areas.  And some villages lost power.  Here in Orleans, the tram and the bus system weren't running.  The tram is sort of back up today, but my bus still isn't running.  My particular bus line frequents a lot of twisty-turny neighborhood streets, so I understand why it's not back up.  That does make it more complicated if I want to go to work tonight...

We were walking back from a friend's house last night and I wish I had had my camera so I could show you how ghostly beautiful the city was.  There was a heavy fog and the streets were deserted.  No cars.  The combination of the snow, the fog, the empty streets, and the play of the city lights made Orleans seem like a movie set.  But I didn't have my camera, so here are some pictures of the snow that I took around my apartment building during the day.

This is a view from my kitchen window.  You can see some fallen trees in the background; apparently, they couldn't support the weight of the snow.

I'm thinking of participating in Photo-a-Day with my friend Drew.  This weather is certainly giving me lots of opportunities to snap some shots.


  1. The third one looks like an invitation to a mythical place. It almost looks like a portal.

  2. The third one really does look like a portal. Or like you're trying to get past the thorns to get to Briar Rose.


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