Stripey Shirt

I completed another item on my list for the Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge: a stripey shirt using Simplicity 3842.

T. was kind enough to take pictures for me at a church near our house:

This pattern went together easily and I made only minor changes. I didn't sandwich the modesty panel in with the bodice front and bottom front seam. Rather, I measured where I wanted it to fall and then just tacked it down. I was afraid the neckline would be too low otherwise and that it would be rather useless as a modesty panel!

This was my first time using a pattern with cut-on kimono sleeves and I was quite happy to have one less step! The sleeves do stick out a bit and don't exactly minimize my broad shoulders, but I'm okay with that because it means I have more air-flow in the heat.

The back has some gathering in the middle and there are decorative back ties. The ties really don't pull in the waist when they are tied because they are placed just below the bust, so I consider them a design element. ;)

Speaking of design elements, I quite like the lace that I chose. I think it complements the fabric nicely. (Self-congratulatory pat on the back!) I left it off the hem though; it seemed like overkill putting the lace there too and I wanted to draw more attention to the neckline anyhow.

You can see from the shoulder seam that I made no attempt at stripe-matching. I suppose it would've been good practice before tackling T.'s Negroni, but I felt like the stripe repeat was wide enough apart with this fabric that I didn't really need to try to match it up. And/or, I'm just lazy and felt like I could get away with it. ;)

In other news, I did cut out the pink fabric for my next shirt - another version of New Look 6870, with slightly longer sleeves - but I realized that the lace I planned to use was too heavy for the cotton voile. So I had to go back to the store and get different lace; there wasn't a lot of choice, unfortunately!

That's it - see you soon! You'll have to pretend I'm waving in this photo...somebody, I'm not saying who, cut off my hands.


  1. This looks so breezy and summery! And I agree-- that lace is perfect! I love it!

  2. Very cute fabric and the lace detail is just perfect!

  3. I like it- so textural but still soft and breezy.

  4. Oh, it is so pretty, that striped fabric is beautiful and with the lace it looks os delicate and feminine. I wish I could go fabric shopping with you again :)

    1. I went to the tea salon/knit shop a couple of weeks ago and it was closed for the holidays! :(

  5. Kimono sleeves really are the best for air flow, aren't they? It's been so miserably hot! I love your fabric - those delicate stripes paired with the lace is just breathtaking. Well done!

  6. great top! I love the stripey fabric and the lace, at first I thought the lace was actually part of the fabric :)


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