New Look 6870: Peasanty blouse

The project belongs to both the Colette Spring Palette Challenge and the Summer Essentials Challenge. I have a vague list for my Summer Essentials Challenge; hopefully I'll get it together soon and share it with you :)

I had some problems. The instructions for inserting the sleeves were rubbish. I finally just had to put aside the instructions and look at the cover picture to figure out what I was supposed to do. But once I did that I had no problems (except my finicky sewing machine).

I also had problems with the bust darts. I suppose I should've done a small bust adjustment but I still don't know how to! So I sewed the darts as indicated in the directions and here was the result (excuse the chest close-up):

Little pointy triangles: no good! So I undid the darts and just did gathers instead. And I changed to a different bra - that also helped:

This was my first time sewing with cotton voile; I didn't find it much more challenging than usual. My needle was too big though. And the holes do show a bit where I took out stitches.

Another new thing for this project was using the elastic. I inserted the elastic around the neck; unfortunately it got twisted at least two times during the process and I was unable to fix it. It also doesn't show too much (I hope).

Things I did well: this time I did a much better job making the little button loop; and I'm happy with the stitching around the neck:

The weather is too cold to actually wear this outfit. And it was drizzling a bit when we went outside to take the photos so we did it quickly. I forgot to ask T. to take a photo of the back. But here's a funny shot:


  1. Your blouse turned out very well in the end and looks great on you. I have a similar pattern -Simplicity 2936 and the instructions were easy to follow.

  2. Thank you! I think it was just me making it difficult. I read the reviews on Pattern Review and nobody else had trouble with the sleeves. I'll have to check out that Simplicity pattern. :)

  3. Gorgeous top. That fabric is sooo pretty. Is it Liberty lawn?

  4. Thanks, Carolyn! The fabric is by Alexander Henry; it's a cotton lawn and it's called Blue Bell.

  5. Yes the fabric is gorgeous and looks lovely in this style! I think you did the right thing with the darts too!

  6. I love the fabric! It looks fantastic as a peasant blouse. I also love your final pose - silly rain ruining your photo shoot!


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