Burda 7431

Another Fall Essentials Sew-Along and Colette Fall Palette Challenge item finished! I took some sewing time for myself in between finishing the toile/muslin of the Cynthia Rowley skirt and starting on my friend's halter top dress.

I used my first Burda pattern ever: blouse pattern 7431. I didn't use one from their magazines because the tracing still intimidates me. I found the instructions a little sparse (with some parts missing, it seems to me) but I was able to muddle through it. And I love the results. :)

I made view A in a cotton lawn:

It was fun trying to take photos in the wind and rain. I quite liked T's candid photos and couldn't choose between them. :)

Here's a closer view though:

There are some wrinkles under the arms in the back. I think I should've lowered/enlarged the armscye, but it's okay how it is. If I use this pattern again, I'll try to do that. I had noticed it after putting in the first sleeve, so I sewed the second sleeve with even smaller seam allowances (.5 cm total) to give me more wiggle room.

I loved working with this fabric. I had virtually no problems with my sewing machine. She is normally quite capricious, but this time the thread-fabric combination must've been spot-on because it went like a dream.

And I finished this just in time because the fabric for the halter dress arrived yesterday so I can get started on it now.


  1. It is a lovely shirt. I like the fabric and the front pleat. Looks like it will go with lots of different colours too.
    Thank you for your comment you left me. I am jealous of you going somewhere warm for Christmas! I hope you manage to get the gifts finished in time.

  2. It is gorgeous! I love the front detail, and the sleeve cuffs are really interesting too

  3. What a fascinating pattern - I don´t think I´ve seen it before. Very nice! Your blouse looks terrific! :-)


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