Aaarrggh!! The Lotus Cami Saga Continued

I don't know why I thought this pattern would be easy!!! Terrible, terrible.

It fits in the bust and back, but now I have weird extra fabric on the shoulder strap. It's especially bad on the right side facing. And I don't know how to fix it!

Also, the points where the front meets the shoulder strap are not great. One side is not that bad, but the right side facing (again) is terrible and that the best I ended up with after three attempts.

Left side facing:

Right side facing:

I feel like this is going to end up being a shirt I can only wear under a cardigan!

Anyhow, I realized that it wouldn't be easy to button up the back buttons all by myself so I decided to sew together the back along a center seam and to install a side zipper.

I really like the idea of the buttons though (and I have matching orange buttons) so perhaps I'll put on some buttons just for decoration. Not down the center back though, that would look stupid now.

But then again, I might just chuck this shirt into the Never Finish/Scrap Pile!


  1. Oh dear! It does look as though the drafting of those shoulder straps might be off, like they are sloped to much outwards or something... But that fabric is so pretty, so I'm sure it will still look lovely under a cardigan.

    (btw, I'm not sure if you knew but you do have that word verification activated... just thought I would mention it given your comment on my blog...)

    1. Thanks for letting me know the word verification is on - I tried looking to see if it was and I couldn't make heads or tails of it! Now I have to figure out how to turn it off.

  2. oops, that should be "too", not "to"

  3. It is a shame about the puckering.Have you clipped as far as possible into the seam at the corner as far as you can go? sometimes just trimming things right back can help a lot.Other than that I personally would just quietly fold it up and put it away for awhile,dig it out another time and have a fresh look.

  4. Oh, that is a cute fabric! Catherine´s idea about clipping as far as possible is a good one, and I was thinking about Magpie Mimi, she´s made this a coulpe of times, right? Maybe she´s got some secrets about it up her sleeve? :-)

  5. Good point, I should trim it back more! I'll have to look at Magpie Mimi's blog to see if she has any tips. :)


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