Jacket Update: the last one for a while!

I didn't have time to finish the jacket in class before the end of the school year. And I don't want to work on it unsupervised, so it's going to live in the closet until class starts up again in September.

I finished the lining, attaching to it the interior decorative panel of velvet.

It was very tricky working with the lining fabric and the velvet at the same time. The velvet was sliding all over the place. I had the same problem working with the velvet and the wool, but to a lesser degree.

And I was just able to put on the velvet on the inside of one sleeve cuff. That too was difficult, but differently difficult. The two fabrics together are very thick. The cuff is not quite finished, but you can get the idea:

I'm happy with it so far, but clearly I did not pick the easiest jacket pattern! After all this work, it seems a shame to have a jacket without pockets (there are none included in the pattern) so I'm thinking of adding patch pockets after the fact. If they don't ruin the overall aesthetic of the jacket with its beautiful princess seams.


  1. Looking good! If you pick it back up in September, it should be ready in time for jacket weather! Perfect!

  2. It might not be the easiest pattern but you will learn so much from it and what with having a great sense of achievement when you finish it combined with having a wonderful jacket to wear that can't be bad!
    It all looks very good and September is not too far off now when you think of it.Wonderful!

  3. It is going to be so gorgeous I am sure...a great learning experience for you. x

  4. You are doing such a careful and beautiful job! I think velvet is one of the most difficult fabrics to control :) The plush flattens first one way then the next, and it is really hard to get a smooth and straight line of stitching. Yours looks perfect!

  5. It's looking lovely! A great learning experience, I'm sure, and you'll finish it just in time to wear with the Autumnal weather :)


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