If you're not interested in food pictures, stop reading now! My friend Jo Ann invited us up to Paris to celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday. She went all-out with an all-American turkey dinner. Even the sweet potatoes came from America, from South Carolina I think!

Feast your eyes on this turkey, 15 pounds!

And these yummy side dishes, all made from scratch:

The sweet potatoes with marshmallows threatened to overflow in the oven:

Here's an extreme close-up on my first plateful:

I definitely miss "traditional" home-cooking around this time of year, especially at Thanksgiving, more so even than at Christmas. It's amazing how food becomes a home away from home. :)


  1. Oh wow... I'm seriously drooling! Looks like a real feast!

  2. What a feast! and how wonderful you got a taste of home again :) Marshmallows melted onto vegetables?? That is so US of A!!

  3. Yummy!!!!! I love food pictures.
    It´s incredible, but food inspires people, reminds past memories and meets friends...

  4. Lovely spread and none of that nasty canned cranberry gel!

  5. Making my mouth water! What a lovely friend you have. Marshmallows on sweet potatoes is a new one for me...can you explain? Is it literally marshmallows on sweet potatoes?? xx


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