Finished Object: Renaissance Basket Stitch Cardigan

I finished my Renaissance Basket Stitch cardigan a few days ago. Today we had our TricoThé at a local salon de thé, so I asked one of my fellow tricoteuses to take a few photos of me and my cardigan. I'm very happy with the result. It's a nice, basic cardigan, but not too basic. And the yarn is pretty soft and scrumptious; it does pill a lot though. I used Kinna by Cheval Blanc.

You have the right to a headless shot:

And to a few back shots:

The salon de thé where we meet up is very cute and has a garden in back. It's a little too cold to sit outside, but we were right next to the window so the light was beautiful.

Here's a shot of our table; I had the chai. :)

I love the colors on the table!

And, just for fun, here's a shot of a scarf that my friend recently finished. I love the colors in the scarf too, and it matches the radiator:


  1. Oh, my friend!! The texture is lovely, and the color is marvelous on you. I love the sweater chain especially. What a wonderful event!

  2. Beautiful! It must be very difficult to make...and I really like the colour!

  3. Oh it's gorgeous Donna! You are such a talented knitter! and I can see you are wearing that cute little cardigan chain again... so pretty :)

  4. WOW! Donna, you made a lovely work. I love the way you wear the cardigan with that accesory, gorgeous! And your friend´s scarf is so niceeee, it looks soft and warm. It has to be interesting to meet to take te and to knit.

  5. I love your cardigan, its gorgeous!

  6. Oooh, what a gorgeous cardigan. The colour is great and I like the basket weave knit. How lovely to have a group combining knitting and tea - sounds fab to me :) I like the colours in your friend's scarf too. xx

  7. How pretty! This looks great on you!


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