Me-Made-May...a Continuation

I'm beginning to run out of steam, so this week might have been the last hurrah.  But I will continue to try to be innovative for the upcoming week pour finir en beauté.  At the very least, the Me-Made Challenges always force me to try new combinations - just to finish out the month!

Monday was a holiday so no work clothes and I don't remember what I wore!  It must have been something fairly blah because I didn't take a photo.  So I'm picking back up the challenge on Tuesday the 24th.

The cold spell continues and I wanted to document one of my jackets (an important part of one's outfit!), so here it is:


This is a vintage jacket passed down to me and I've been enjoying it, despite the fact that it's filthy and needs a good dry cleaning.   The me-made parts are the Diagonal Lace Scarf and the shirt is Simplicity 3842 .

On Wednesday I wore my Renfrew top again, and a cat:

On Thursday, a new cardigan I made using McCall's 6084.  I'm not overly thrilled with this creation, unfortunately.  Most of the combinations I came up with make me look like an American football player.  This one isn't too bad.  When I wear a dark color on the bottom it is horrible though!

This is described as a One-Hour Cardigan.  That was definitely not the case for me - more like a One-Day cardigan!  By the end I just wanted to finish it, so my sleeve cuffs are sloppy and I didn't hem the sides or the interior.  The fabric was kind of a bitch to work with, super thin!  Perhaps I'll take more photos to show it off or perhaps not, depending on the love I feel for it...

And then yesterday I again wore my Renaissance Basket Cardigan, this time with my New Look 6870 top.  I'm pretty sick of this cardigan by now plus it has tons of cat hair on it!

Today we're spending the afternoon going to a Balboa workshop and a fast Lindy workshop, so I'll be dressed in something comfortable and pretty sloppy, but I'll endeavor to take a picture nonetheless! ;)


  1. Love the outfits - I still think the renaissance cardi is fab. What is a balboa it dancing? I guess the fast lindy is lindyhopping - what fun! I used to do ceroc and would love to try something more adventurous. Please share! xx

  2. why must cats be so cuddly and shed so much hair! we don't even have a cat yet I'm still finding hair everywhere from my friends cat and I haven't seen her in about a month!

    Only one more week of MMM to go, and then we can all go back to not stressing about outfit photos!

  3. Haha, wearing a cat! Sounds like a nice thing :)

  4. The Renaissance Basket Cardigan is awesome and I love it! I have never worn a cat :-S

  5. I know what you mean about wearing a cat.
    All your outfits look very nice and it is heartening to hear that your weather is not too brilliant also!Enjoy the dancing!

  6. I love the cardi, and it looks great with the top. Hehe, wearing a cat. I wouldn't mind that from time to time. The purring one, not all the leftover hair, of course... ;)


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