Colette Spring Palette Challenge

I couldn't help but be inspired when I browsed through the Colette thread for spring sewing: So I decided to join the challenge. You can see the little button at the lower left side of the page. (I still can't make the d*mn widget work though...not giving up!) As the 'challenge' is still in its planning stage, I feel that I can join in, in good conscience. I will not do any cutting or sewing on said projects until I finish the polka-dot shirt! Speaking of which, my very last bound seam was the best by far. Practice, practice, practice.

Here are the colors that represent my spring palette:

I made these colors using this fun website:

The colors are found in fabrics already in my stash. I do need to buy some cream colored (or off-white) twill (or something similar) for the Beignet skirt, as well as a coordinating peachy-orange voile for another project. And, of course, I'll have to buy the notions: thread and whatnot. And, oh yes, I need to buy the Colette pattern for the Sencha shirt, which I'm planning on using with the big blue and white floral fabric. But aside from that, I'll be working from my stash. :)

Here's a little photo collage that I made of the fabrics and patterns:

This is the first time I've made a collage using the Picasa editing tools. I thought it was pretty fun. I've been learning how to do more stuff with Picasa because of the 365 project. I just have a point and shoot camera, so sometimes it's helpful to be able to crop things, etc. I haven't yet changed the brightness or coloring of an image, but Picasa has those options. If you're interested in the 365 project, here's the link:
I tried to link my project page there with this blog, but that didn't work either. I'm positive I'll resolve these little bugs in the future though!

Anyhow, here's some close-up photos of the stash fabric I plan on using:

I was so productive yesterday that I had time today to do a blog entry, yay! Yesterday morning I even made banana bread. I had to leave it an extra 1/2 hour in the oven for it to cook all the way through. That seems to be a thing with this oven. So that explains why it's a bit dark on the outside:

I hope everyone's having a good week: here's to my sister, whose birthday was a couple days ago! And to my friends Chels and Eric, whose birthdays are this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!

P.S. Now I'm having trouble putting live links on the blog, so you may have to copy, paste the address into a new tab to see the websites I mentioned. Sorry, another thing to work on!


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