Green Muslin Completed

Finally! I finished the muslin for McCall's M5522.

I really struggled with the sleeve plackets. I struggled a little with the cuffs (mainly because I didn't follow the directions well the first time). And they don't seem to lay quite right even though I made sure to label the sleeves as right and left and attach them appropriately. Maybe I need to rotate the sleeves caps a bit?

I was also unable to insert the sleeve caps flatly. I almost did it for the first one but the second one has pronounced gathers. I may just give up and try to do matching small gathers for the next version.

For the next version I will sew the back princess seams only 1 cm wide to try to adjust for the pooling in the small of the back.

Despite the imperfections I'm planning on wearing it. I already wear items with much worse problems!

And in other news, here's what I wore for Me Made March during the past seven days:

Here's all of my self-sewn shirts, except the red one I'm wearing today. They're waiting to be ironed, yikes!

Luckily the weather has warmed up a bit so I've been able to wear my short-sleeve shirts (with a cardigan, of course).

Some flowers, at last!


  1. Ironing...
    When are you going to start sewing with Lycra?!

  2. I know, huh. I would like to learn how to work with jersey, but I don't have a serger, which apparently greatly facilitates the process.

  3. I've just come to your blog via the Flickr pool for me made March - I think your new wearable muslin looks great on, and love those fabrics of shirts to be ironed!

  4. Thanks Gabrielle! It's funny to look at all the shirts stacked up like that - makes me realize how much pink there is!


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