Ta Da!

Here it is! This is my first piece for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge that is entirely finished. And it's not the end of March yet, amazing! I didn't think I'd be able to finish this weekend, but luckily I found what I needed at the grocery store this morning. :)

This white tank top is the only shirt I have that even remotely matches, which means that this skirt will be hibernating until, oh let's see, August. Unless, of course, I sew and/or knit something to go with it. Sewing would be faster...but why not do both? Sew a short-sleeve shirt and knit a little cardigan to go over it? Yeah so, like I said, I'll be wearing it in August!

Sorry for the not-so-great photos. T. was kind enough to take some for me, but I had a funny face and/or closed eyes in all of them (except the one). So I resorted to mirror trickery. Also, it's too damn cold to go outside in this outfit.

As far as the sewing, it went well except that I butchered the lapped zipper a little bit. But it only shows right up next to the top of the waist band, which will be covered up by a shirt. I'm considering doing a review for Pattern Review as some of the steps weren't explained very clearly.

In any case, the skirts sits higher on me than intended by the pattern makers because I cut too small a size. I should've cut a 12, but I cut a 10. The good news though is that if I ever lose weight the skirt will simply be lower down on the waist, but it will still fit. So this is a piece than can weather the ups and downs of weight fluctuation.

In other news, I've almost finished my Norah Gaughan sweater. I just need to sew in the sleeves, sew on the buttons and block it. It may turn out to be a little on the big side, but that's better than too small. We'll see.


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