Cours de Couture

I signed up for an evening sewing class where I work (a cultural center). It will last all school year and runs for two hours on Tuesday night. My first project was to learn/practice some hand stitching. So here's my sampler:

Here's the sampler next to the French terms:

The first one is (for me) just regular stitching - it's called le point de devant in French. The second one is a back-stitch - called le point arrière in French. The third one is a chain stitch, called le point de chausson. And then we have some basting - called le point de bâti long et court. And finally we have tailors' tacks, or le point de bouclettes. :) That's not how I normally baste things but it seems like a good stitch so I guess I'll use it from now on. My backstitch needs some work.

And here's another worksheet I filled out as homework. It shows how the machine is thread:

For my first class project, my teacher will help me draft a straight skirt. I'm not sure what fabric to use!!


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