Feeling Frustrated because I Hate Most of my Clothes

The title pretty much sums up my state of mind. I have a clear plan (in my head) of what sewing I can do to fix my wardrobe blues...in theory, at least. It involves several Renfrews (long-sleeve with cowl), several waterfall cardigans and several pairs of pleated pants similar to the Papercut pattern. Alas, I don't have the funds to buy the fabric required and nothing in my stash is suitable.

T. reminded me last night that I do have fabric and patterns in my stash that go together. Sigh. But that's not what I want/need in my wardrobe right now. Whine, whine, whine.

I'm trying to knuckle under and make something that I'll like and use out of what I have. I have what it takes to make a Colette Beignet skirt. And a Chantilly, but ha!!, I wouldn't wear it for another 9 months. And I have the supplies to make 2 cotton voile shirts and/or tunics.

The shirts require that I tape together the stupid downloaded pattern and I don't really feel up to it. And the Beignet requires that I trace the pattern first and then cut it out so as not to ruin the master. That sucker's expensive so I'm not touching the master!! The thought of the taping and the tracing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so now I'm back to looking at what I can make.

Well, I have the leftover blue check fabric from the most recent Negroni. I think I could squeeze a shirt for myself out of that. And the fabric matches at least 2 bottoms that I already have in my closet, so I wouldn't be creating an orphan. I may even have buttons already that would match. Hmmm, this is looking like a winner. I'm sure the stripe-matching will go much smoother this time! :P

No doubt I will have talked myself into doing something else a few minutes after I post this. I'm sure I'm not the only one to do that. ;)


  1. This sounds SO familiar!
    I am currently making a renfrew top out of fabric that looks like caravan curtains from the 1970's "because it was in the stash". And I am not feeling the love, but at least I am (a) using what I have and (b) it will match the colour of other things in my wardrobe. But is that any excuse for fugliness?!
    Maybe the thing to do is try using what you have and if you hate it, treat yourself with a new piece of fabric for everyone you "use up"!
    I am enormously impressed that T. is familiar with your stash! My FL hasn't a clue what lies hidden in the suitcase under the bed!

  2. I hear you and echo you Donna - I sew with stash fabric often that is not what I would have necessarily bought. I often have issues with the way fabric hangs etc but use it because it is in the stash. I also have no fabric buying funds at the moment. AND Renfrew is on the to-do list. The left over negroni fabric for a shirt sounds good though and a versatile piece in terms of colours. Hope you have a good weekend. xx

  3. That's a tough call--having a stash often makes one feel obligated to use it, doesn't it? But the leftover Negroni fabric sounds like a good bet for now, at least until you're more in a mood for pattern tracing and/or taping. (And you're still using what you have!) Hope your sewing/wardrobe motivation comes back soon!

  4. OIh, don't we all go here now and then? When the stash has been looked at too much and you can't see it as a new idea? Make a renfrew and re-arrange the stash a bit- it always makes me feel batter.

  5. Oh I agree, we all have days like this, and I definitely agree about the blahness of tracing, the most boring bit of sewing. And there are definitely fabrics in my stash I'm meh about as well as tonnes that I love but am too frightened to cut into... so ridiculous!
    I hope once you get going with the blue stripe you'll get your lovely mojo back again. Playing with the stash some, taking out the fabric and re-folding it, is a good way to re-awaken the passion sometimes...

  6. Aw man, that's not a fun place to be in. Is there anything in your wardrobe that you can refashion? Or maybe you can do some thrifting! Here's hoping you beat the blues soon and find some inspiration!

  7. I'm in the same place. I have promised The Husband that I'll use up the stash before buying anything new. And, to be fair, we don't have the funds either. So it's trying to find ways of "winterising" summer weight fabrics (I'm feeling tights and cardigans). And finding funds for matching shoes...not winning with that one.

  8. Oh, I know the feeling! I'd better not mention that I've been meaning to make a Lola dress for 8(!) months. Only, I haven't printed the pattern yet, because I dread the taping.
    A Beignet sounds like a great year-round staple, and I hope the Negroni-fabric-blouse will get your sewing spirits back up!

  9. I hear you! I feel like I always look in my closet or sewing stash and sigh... not so happy with my present wardrobe, frustrated by not having enough time to sew up a new one. It's a piece by piece, one step forward, a half step back, kind of a process for me. Good luck and I hope your sewing mojo comes back soon.


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