Me-Made-May 2012: Days 1 - 5

I've been making a special effort so far to try new clothing combinations for this challenge. I don't have many new garments so I want to inject new life into the old ones! I'm doing okay so far.

On the first day I even got out an old vest that I'd knit. It looks okay far away, but up close it doesn't really do the job anymore. Maybe I should unravel it and use the yarn on a new project...

The weather is starting to warm up a bit (still rainy though) so I've been able to wear some skirts. Today I even wore one without tights!

So far, I've worn as me-mades:

Day 1: shirt, using Burda 7431 and knitted vest from Stitch 'n Bitch original book;
Day 2: shirt, New Look 6781 and skirt, Simplicity 2367;
Day 3: shirt, New Look 6870;
Day 4: pants, Simplicity 2656;
Day 5: shirt, Simplicity 2501.

I participated in the first photo challenge (food and drink) but I only found out about it right before I was going to take my photo, as I was drinking my morning coffee. So, predictably, I used my coffee cup in the shot! I'll try to be more creative next time. ;)

In addition, I've been trying to work in some new pieces of jewelry that I was so lucky to receive as birthday gifts recently. So far I've managed to wear the two sweater guards. I have a couple necklaces too. These are not made by me, but they are made by independent artisans on Etsy. The sweat guards came from here.

I'm loving seeing everyone's work and creativity - can't wait to see what's next!


  1. Lovely outfits!

  2. It is nice to see all the outfits together in a collage. The sweaterguards are great.
    Trying to find new combinations of wearing what you have already made sounds like a very good idea to me and a sustainable way of of using your handmade wardrobe. x

  3. Nice outfits! I really like the tunic&skirt combo, and those sweater guards are lovely! We're back to rain and more spring-appropriate temps over here, too...

  4. You're doing really well! I've loved all of your outfits so far this month :) It is a fu exercise, isn't it? I will email you soon Donna, just sorting out a few things....


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