Me-May-Made Update #3: Days 12 - 17

Like a couple of other participants (The Makings of an Urban Rustic and Two Little Cabbages & Cie) I've been experiencing un coup de blues regarding my handmade wardrobe. The last few days I just haven't been feeling it! I haven't been doing any sewing either. Lack of motivation, I guess.

I just feel like I'm going through a sartorial transition, so to speak. Even stuff I made last year doesn't really reflect what I'd like my style to be. But, in the meantime, I'm trying to do my best with what I have. That's the challenge after all! And I'm trying to work on identifying what my style is becoming...and what is a practicable version for my skills/budget/life. :) These me-made challenges really force a person to examine her wardrobe desires and needs!

I feel like I'm turning a corner though and today I'm wearing my happy new yellow blouse for its first outing. Also, I have been steadily knitting and I'm not far from finishing a little summer tanktop - if summer ever gets here!

So, without further ado, here's what I wore during May 12 - 17:

The weather hasn't made up its mind. One day it's warmish and the next it's rainy and cold again.

Here's the list:

Day 12: Spring Ruffle Top, tutorial by Made-by-Rae;
Day 13: top, New Look 6781; one of my first shirts and I still love it but it's very faded;
Day 14: top is made with Simplicity 2614 and the skirt again is Simplicity 2367;
Day 15: top is New Look 6677;
Day 16: skirt is the brown linen Simplicity 2367 and the top is my trial version of McCall's 5522;
Day 17: Thermal sweater again (pattern by Laura Chau).

One thing I noticed is that I wear a lot of navy and red. I guess I always admire these color combos on others, so it's not surprising that I like to wear it, too. Somehow I never noticed before that I had so much. I think perhaps turquoise/teal is a better match for my coloring though - what do you think? I think navy on the bottom is okay, but a tad harsh when it's next to my face?

Anyhow, here's hoping I can reboot my motivation!


  1. Lovely outfits Donna. Hope the motivation reappears soon. Navy and red is a great combo, very chic and classic, but I think navy is draining to my face so maybe it is to you too? xx

  2. I think your outfits look lovely too

  3. I like you in navy and red - both colors are very good on you, but if you think navy is harsh next to your face, what about a statement necklace to draw the attention away? I would definitely love to see you in more teal because I love that color so much and think you would be most marvelous in it :)

  4. Hope your motivation reappears! I confess that mine has been lacking as I have been feeling uninspired with my me-mades and have been neglecting the photos too.

  5. Hope your motivation resurfaces - maybe with the current nicer weather? :) I really like the navy and red colour combo on you, but go with what you think best. The lighter blue pullover looks amazing!

  6. I'm glad I am not the only one...I thought it was because I'm getting on a bit.I know what you mean about colours too and also about sewing,or rather lack of it,I just have not sewn anything much for two weeks or so.I thought going to the rag market might get me going again but so!heres to happy times filled with a return to equilibrium!

  7. Hard to find motivation with the weather we've been having in France, isn't it? :-) I know what you mean too, about revisiting makes and trying to work out your style. Add in, too, the feeling of "oh I could make that so much better now" when you look at earlier projects, and well, you've got my satorial psyche right now. But I've just had a couple successful makes - a dress for my daughter, a tunic for me, a (nearly done) dress for me, and I am hoping my mojo is back. I like the sweater in the middle on you very much. The turquoise is cheery. But I think navy and red are nice on you too.


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