Saturday, May 25, 2013

Me-Made-May...a Continuation

I'm beginning to run out of steam, so this week might have been the last hurrah.  But I will continue to try to be innovative for the upcoming week pour finir en beauté.  At the very least, the Me-Made Challenges always force me to try new combinations - just to finish out the month!

Monday was a holiday so no work clothes and I don't remember what I wore!  It must have been something fairly blah because I didn't take a photo.  So I'm picking back up the challenge on Tuesday the 24th.

The cold spell continues and I wanted to document one of my jackets (an important part of one's outfit!), so here it is:


This is a vintage jacket passed down to me and I've been enjoying it, despite the fact that it's filthy and needs a good dry cleaning.   The me-made parts are the Diagonal Lace Scarf and the shirt is Simplicity 3842 .

On Wednesday I wore my Renfrew top again, and a cat:

On Thursday, a new cardigan I made using McCall's 6084.  I'm not overly thrilled with this creation, unfortunately.  Most of the combinations I came up with make me look like an American football player.  This one isn't too bad.  When I wear a dark color on the bottom it is horrible though!

This is described as a One-Hour Cardigan.  That was definitely not the case for me - more like a One-Day cardigan!  By the end I just wanted to finish it, so my sleeve cuffs are sloppy and I didn't hem the sides or the interior.  The fabric was kind of a bitch to work with, super thin!  Perhaps I'll take more photos to show it off or perhaps not, depending on the love I feel for it...

And then yesterday I again wore my Renaissance Basket Cardigan, this time with my New Look 6870 top.  I'm pretty sick of this cardigan by now plus it has tons of cat hair on it!

Today we're spending the afternoon going to a Balboa workshop and a fast Lindy workshop, so I'll be dressed in something comfortable and pretty sloppy, but I'll endeavor to take a picture nonetheless! ;)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Enfin, Un Petit Effort!

I had a little more time today (3-day weekend, yay!) so I played a bit in PicMonkey.  Here are my outfits for the last three days.

Day 15 with Norah Gaughan Tilted Duster (because it's still cold) and a RTW blouse that I dyed a pink-orange many years ago:

Day 16 with a skirt from Simplicity 2655 and the rest is RTW.  Plus I am showing off my new cotton yarn, a birthday gift from my mother. :)

Then yesterday I again wore my Tilted Duster sweater with my Lisette Portfolio dress from Simplicity 2245:

Apparently I like looking at my feet in this series of photos!  Oh well, it's a theme like any other ;)  All three of those outfits were new combinations for me.  The Me-Made Challenges do force me to be a bit innovative!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made-May 2013 Half-Way Point

Close enough!  So far I have mainly (re)learned that I still have not rectified the basic problems of my wardrobe.  And I (re)learned that I need to get rid of stuff that I no longer wear, for whatever reason.  At least on that point I've taken action.  I donated three big trash bags full of clothes this weekend, including some me-mades that were made solidly enough but didn't fit any more. 

So, I do feel better after having gotten rid of stuff.  But I still have a huge mending pile and I still lack basic, well-fitting, pleasing things that I can wear both for work and on the weekend.  It is really hugely tempting to just go shopping!  But then I remember that my most recent RTW purchases are so-so at best.  OK, that's not true.  I got some good dresses from People Tree recently.  But the two pairs of pants I've bought in the last year don't fit particularly well and aren't especially flattering. 

But then after I remember that, I (re)remember that I have precious little time to sew nowadays and I definitely do not have the time to get everything done in the timeline that I'd like.  Sigh.  I guess it's a question of prioritizing and picking my battles, like everything else, right?

Anyhow, I didn't take pictures of my outfits on Friday through Sunday because calling them "outfits" is really stretching the meaning of the word.  But I was clad in self-made things on all three days.

Monday I went back to work so I had to scrape together a proper outfit.  Here I am wearing a staple dress (that is looking a bit had in person) and my Renaissance Basket Stitch Cardigan.  It got cold again so I brought about the boots, but I took them off before snapping the photo (at nearly 11pm!).

And today I am wearing more wool.  Here's my Thermal sweater paired with black pants (ill-fitting ones, as mentioned above) and black boots:

I suppose it is odd to be wearing wool in mid-May but it's a stroke of luck for me because if the weather got really warm, I would be hard-pressed to find things made by me.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Short Trip to London

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were bank holidays here in France so I took advantage and went on a jaunt to London with a friend.  We mainly just walked around and ate and drank (hey, just like Bruges!) but we had fairly good weather so it was a nice trip.

We did spend a little time at the British Museum and we even saw the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, as well as at the Horse Guards near Whitehall.


We had fish 'n chips and beer and cupcakes in Soho.  And the apartment we stayed in wasn't far from St. Paul's Cathedral.

And we visited Chinatown.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I didn't even know that London had a Chinatown, albeit a small one.

And here's what I wore - at least, two days out of three:

I wore my knitted shrug two days in a row, but I only photographed it the second day.  And I wore my Renfrew on Thursday when it was a bit cooler and rainier.  

We also visited the V.V. Rouleaux shop and of course I bought some fripperies:

A velvet ribbon with lace trim...

and some striped ribbon.  

I don't know what this type is called but I'm sure it has a specific term.  Anybody know???

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beginning of Me-May-Made 2013

I wore my Tilted Duster (pattern by Norah Gaughan) on day one, but the outfit was very uninspiring, so I didn't take a photo.

I did take photos the next three days, however:

On day two I wore a newly finished dress, yay!  I used New Look 6098.  The fabric is a pretty heavy knit that I purchased from Ray-Stitch.  I originally had it earmarked for a Renfrew, but I decided to use it for a dress instead.

On day three I wore my celery-colored blouse (fabric also from Ray-Stitch).  I made this last summer with Simplicity 2339.

And today I wore a skirt that I made two years ago using Simplicity 2655, as well as a newly completed scarf using the Diagonal Lace Scarf by Helena Frank.  And my sunglasses 'cuz it was sunny!! :)