Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finished Dress: Simplicity 1796

A new dress, from Simplicity 1796: just in time for spring, ha!  The Slapdash Sewist just posted a review of this in Pattern Review, if you're interested.  Actually, I think I can use this through fall if I combine it with tights and a cardigan.  Especially if fall weather continues to be like this weekend - I didn't even need a sweater!

I used some of the woven cotton I bought at the Amana colonies this summer.  The cotton isn't too stiff, so I think it works for this pattern, even though I originally had planned to make it in a jersey.  I flat-lined the skirt portion with some leftover cream-colored polyester, planning on wearing it in fall (and chilly springs). 

I need to buy a black belt to wear with it, but I was working with what I have.  I was a little disappointed initially, but looking at these photos I think it's not half-bad.  However, I should've done something more to modify the front.  It gapes when I move because my bust just doesn't fill it out.  I'm definitely going to have to wear a camisole underneath it.  I'll spare you the photographic evidence though. ;)

Otherwise I think it's the correct size.  I cut a straight ten.  It fits well in the shoulders.  I measured my waist and tested the elastic insert at the waist before I sewed the ends together, as indicated in the directions.  Ever since I bought my little elastic-inserting tool, I no longer dread this kind of waistline.  Especially since I would wear this type of dress with a belt in any case, to give me the illusion of waist definition! 

I didn't fold the fabric as indicated for the button-tab though, because the backside of this fabric looks terrible.  So I just kinda folded it under.  We'll see how that works out in the long term.  I put on an orange button to match the fabric.  'Cuz hey, when else am I going to need an orange button?!

Speaking of orange, it's not normally a color I wear, but I think the color combination here lets me get away with it.  The greys and black help tone down the brightness of the orange and yellow.

I think I did okay with pattern placement too.  No giant flower boobs.  I did do a machine-hem though.  I'm lazy like that.  

I'm feeling pretty positive about this.  It even has pockets!  But I haven't worn it for real yet, so let's wait for the work-test.  But I might revisit the pattern in a knit, as originally planned.  It's so fun using new patterns though!  

Anyhow, I'm glad I just finally got something done!  Have a great Sunday to everybody who's just starting their Sunday and sleep tight to those of you on your way into Monday!! :)