Saturday, February 13, 2016

Colette Wardrobe Architect Experimentation: Silhouettes with Pants/Leggings (aka Fun with Polyvore)

Continuing with my Colette Wardrobe Architect experimentation, here are my other Polyvore creations, this time, with pants.  Or leggings, because I do sometimes wear those with a tunic or long shirt.  All of these silhouettes are for the fall or winter season, which is 9 months out of the year where I live, so represents the bulk of my wardrobe needs.

I don't have a red blazer, but I do have a white button-down, black pants and black wedge boots like that.  And I have several blazers to choose from, but all more muted colors, like grey...and grey houndstooth.  Okay, I have several shades of grey.  Not 50 though, ha!

So I feel like this is a real, workable silhouette, and the addition of a red blazer is a good idea to brighten up my wardrobe.  I have to work on ironing my shirt more often too.  Knits are so nice for that reason...

OK, and another pants variation:

This time with a loose top paired with a cardigan.  I'm diggin' the waterfall style cardigans in various prints.  Again, I don't have one.  I have several loose cardigans like that, but plain-colored, but not with a print design.  I think I tend to reserve my prints for my shirts, so I keep the other pieces more neutral.  But I'd like to change that up a little.

And finally, with straight-legged or wide-legged pants à la Hepburn:

This is another attainable silhouette.  I have very similar shoes and jackets.  I could make one more pair of pants, more fall/winter appropriate than my current wide-legs.  And I could sew (and then iron) another button-down.  This is a very classic, safe silhouette for when I need to dress more conservatively, but it still represents my tastes.  I can always funk it up with the accessories.

This exercise just may help me organize my sewing after all...wanna place bets?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Elemental Boatneck Knitted Top

I finally finished weaving in all the ends and today is sunny, so I took some pictures of my handknitted top, which I made using the Elemental Boatneck pattern by Hannah Fettig.  It's from Interweave Knits magazine Summer 2009.  The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima and was agreeable to work with.  See?  I'm smiling!

It turned out waaay more fitted than the magazine model.  Perhaps I should've gone up a size! But I'm happy with the result.  It's a different silhouette than I was going for, but I can deal with it. 

As you can see, I match my room decor.  Plus, photography with cats!  There's another knitted work in progress just to the right of her.

I had to knit and reknit the sleeves many times, at first because I goofed up the pattern, and then because I ran out of yarn.  I calculated how long I could make them and still be able to finish up the body and seaming.  Turns out I calculated wrong, so I had to unravel them and go even shorter! 

I'd prefer the sleeves to be a bit longer, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. 

A couple of mirror views:

I'm hoping to finish up another nearly-done knitting project soon...just need to unbury the instructions!  Now where did I put them??

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Works

I have lots of WIPs, it's great!  These pants are nearly finished, I just need to do the bottom part.  Made from Simplicity 2656.

This was the second time I've made this pattern, but I completely forgot everything about the construction.  So I had to do several steps twice and there were a lot of furrowed brows.  Frankly, the instructions leave something to be desired.

The trousers were made for a friend and she stopped by today to try them on.  I won't post photos of her modelling them until they're completely done, but I think the fit was good.  Close enough for gov't work in any case!

Using the laundry drying rack as a model, so classy.
Plus an enormous skirt...

I recently discovered the plastic Burda tracing sheets.  They're not bad.  I wasn't convinced at first, but I especially like them for storage.

And a top to go with the enormous skirt...

The top and the pants use fabric from stash, but the skirt was a big purchase: seven meters!  On sale; oh yeah, you know I waited for that!

Sewing with cats, always a pleasure!