Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fabric Obsession

I am surfing a high of fabric inspiration right now.  I'm loving all the American Southwest (and/or Mexican) designs that are available right now.  I'm sure in two years (two seasons??) the trend will be over, but the colors and motifs speak to my heart, as someone who grew up in Arizona.  I just want to BUY ALL OF THEM!!  But that's not really an option.

So, instead, please feast your eyes and enjoy looking (but not touching) with me:

Many of the above are from April Rhodes' collections, either Wanderer or Bound.  I actually purchased the Mesa Lawn (bone white with little blue diamonds) which is manufactured by Cotton + Steel and designed by Alexia Abegg.  And from the collage below I purchased the striped print (you can see it in my work-in-progress from my previous post), which is from the Geometric Bliss collection by Art Gallery, designed by Jeni Baker.

So, two down, many many to go, ha! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yikes, already!

So, obviously I decided not to join in Me-Made-May this year!  I tried to transform it into a Me-Making-May, to focus on giving myself time to create instead of focusing on using what I have made (of which very little is left).  Only toward the end of the month have I been successful.  Wait, that's not true, I have been regularly knitting.  But only this weekend have I managed to get out the sewing machine.

Wait, again that's not true!  But on my first attempt at the beginning of the month I did a big oopsie and that set me back and demoralised me a bit.  Because, you see, I cut out my fabric upside down!  On a directional print!  Yesss...*that* mistake.  And then I spent several weeks trying to figure out how to work with it and fix it.  In the end I decided to change fabrics and projects because nothing I was coming up with to 'save the project' was inspiring me.

So, here's my sewing project in process: guess which pattern??

I am absolutely in love with my chosen fabrics.  I have some doubts about the finished project though.  I think there are some fitting issues.  This is my first project off the bench for probably a year, so I would just like it to be wearable.  I previously had fitting issues with another top I tried to make from this company, so it may just be that the drafting is not going to work for me without lots of tweaking.  And I don't have the energy to do that when, frankly, Simplicity and New Look and Burda patterns fit me pretty darn well with minimal tweaking.  I may just have to swear off tops from this company, but I hope this one turns out okay!!

And my knitting efforts have been going toward the Elemental Boatneck by Hannah Fettig.  I really hope this one turns out, as the finished model in the magazine looks gorgeous and feels very 'me.'  I am quite enjoying the stitch so far.  I have made some mistakes, but they don't really show, another plus in my book!!

See?  I am dutifully working on it... I'm using Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima (cotton) and boy does the stuff ever pill like crazy!!  I regularly have to cut off these little balls that accumulate and gunk up my working yarn.  So, we'll see how it wears after it's finished...

Have a good week everyone!