Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anouk by Victory Patterns

The Anouk by Victory Patterns: this shirt has been finished for at least a month.  I've just been waiting for some sunshine to peek its head so that I could take photos.

I made version 2, the tunic.  I cut the bust along the 35 1/2 cm. pattern because the finished size is 37 1/2 cm, which is my size.  I perhaps could have gone up a size because it is tight across the shoulders and upper back.  Although I think next time I'll use the same size and simply take out less fabric with the back pin tucks.

I paired a white, embroidered fabric that I got from my friend Indira with an Alexander Henry fabric called Oxford Butterfly.  I think it's a cotton lawn from the Fulham Road collection.  And I used vintage buttons that I bought on Etsy.

I am definitely making more versions of this.  I'd like to make the dress, both with and without sleeves.  And I'd like another version of the tunic.  I guess you could say that I'm pretty happy with the pattern!

The overall effect is a little more prairie girl than I was going for.  I played it up deliberately here for the pics, with my cowboy boots.  But I had originally thought the result would be more sophisticated.  Still, I like it.  I've already worn it nearly once a week since I finished it.  I normally pair it with a belt, as above, because otherwise I think it makes me look pregnant.  I included a picture in the collage, just so you can see the difference.

As far as technical remarks, I don't really have any.  I think the pattern is well-drafted and the instructions are well-written.  I'm a fan of the brand and I got myself several patterns for Christmas: the Ava and the Nicola.  But honestly I love all the patterns!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Burda Jacket Finally Finished (okay, well, almost)!

My Burda Austrian-style jacket has been nearly finished for some time.  I held off on the finishing touches because the jacket simply didn't fit me and I didn't see much point in putting in the work.  But then I had the bright idea that the jacket might fit my boss, so I showed it to her, and she liked it.  So, yay, motivation for finishing!

I had several button choices to offer her, and she chose the more subtle ones.  I think she made an excellent choice.

Here's the jacket on the table at work (all pics taken with my cell phone):

And here's my boss modelling it:

It definitely fits her better than me.  I do to need to add some finishing touches to the sleeves so that she can turn them up and button them close.

And I need to reattach the non-functional buttons on the right-side (facing).  They are all just slightly off.

Speaking of buttons, here's a close-up:

I have some other finished projects too; I've just been waiting for it to stop raining (for at least a month!) so that I can take pictures. :)