Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finished Object: Dolce Slouch Hat

This has been finished since Jan. 13, but I haven't had the time (or good weather) to photograph it. Today the sun came out, yay!

So here's my Dolce Slouch hat:

I used undyed Navajo yarn purchased at the Cameron Trading Post in Arizona several years ago. It was a gorgeous yarn to work with (very soft!!) and the hat pattern was easy to follow.

I was specifically looking for a quick knit for a slouchy hat that I could wear right away and this fit the bill. It's knit in-the-round on size 8 (US) or 5.0 mm needles so it really doesn't take much time to do.

There's not much else to say about this hat, except that I've been wearing it nearly every day since it jumped off my needles.

Have a good weekend everyone, laters! ;)

Monday, January 14, 2013


I recently acquired a couple more old fashion magazines from a flea market in Paris. The oldest one I purchased is from 1909! It blows me away to have something in my magazine collection that is over one hundred years old.

I thought I'd share a couple scans with you...only the cover is in color, the rest is in black and white.

Here's the cover, croquet style (I originally thought she was playing golf; I guess I wasn't wearing my glasses!):

And more sports. It's nice to see a woman's magazine have so many sporty images. Bathing suits:

The table of contents:

Like the other fashion magazine I showed you, this one has a serial story and a poem, but without illustrations.

And here's a list of conversation starters, for when you give those dinner parties. For example, they say that at that time (in 1909) the country that consumed the most meat was Australia, at 119 kilos per inhabitant per year. Then next came the US, at 68 kg, then England at 59 kg, then Germany with 45 kg, France at 35 kg, Denmark at 34 kg, Belgium at 32 kg, and finally, Switzerland at 28 kg. I imagine the US is now the leader in meat consumption; I wonder what the other statistics are...

Check out this outfit; nice hats, eh?

And finally, here's the back cover. Even more sports, yay! Look, you can even pay for it on credit! Consumer culture all the way back then.

Plus, I just want to say thank you to Carolyn for giving me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

And I'd like to pass it along to some bloggers who inspire me and whose blogs are relatively new to me:

Checkout Girl
Tea and Crumpets
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Adri Prints
Alexandra Mason
Suzy Sewing

Happy week everybody!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Reading Challenge for 2013

I quite enjoyed the 12 in 12 Reading Challenge and looked for something similar to do this year. I stumbled upon the Eclectic Reader Challenge and it looks right up my alley.

The goal is to mix things up a bit in your reading choices by forcing you to read at least one book in each of the following categories:

1. Translated fiction
2. Historical mystery
3. Romantic suspense
4. Made into a movie
5. New Adult
6. Urban Fantasy
7. Dystopian
8. Memoir
10. Action Adventure
11. Humour
12. Published in 2013

Many of these categories represent some of my favorite genres (memoir, dystopian, and translated fiction, to name a few) but some will be more of a challenge. I'm not a regular reader of humour, but I think I'll keep David Sedaris in mind when this part rolls around. Plus, I tend to read old stuff, so reading something during the year it was published will be good for me. Although I might wait 'til the end of the year to do that part of the challenge!

I have a question though, what the heck is 'new adult'? Can somebody help me out here?!?

I'll be working on the Eclectic Book Challenge concurrent with my Goodreads 65-books-a-year challenge. In addition, I am giving myself a mini-challenge to try to read as much from my library as possible. It's like sewing from your stash, but here's it's reading books that I already own (and have for years, in some cases) but still haven't read.

As far as challenges go, I definitely do a better job of completing reading ones than crafting ones! I still haven't finished my Colette Palette Challenge. I'm not sure what this means, except that perhaps I have more practice reading on a deadline (I do have a degree in literature) than I do sewing on a deadline.

Plus, reading is more of a passive activity than sewing. And once I finish the book, it's done; no one (okay, hardly anyone) is going to criticize me because I've already forgotten some of the characters' names a few weeks after I finished the book. But the mistakes I make on a sewing project will likely be very visible for a very long time. So, I guess, in that way, reading requires less commitment. Although it requires a heavy time commitment, especially if you're reading a 900 + page tome as I am currently doing with the Gormenghast Trilogy! I should really count them as three separate novels, as they were originally, but the version I'm reading comes packaged all together...we'll see at the end of the year how close I come to 65 books. I might have to do some maneuvering!

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Round-Up

I really liked Carolyn's 2012 photo review so I'm copying her idea. I took one photo from each month - not necessarily a photo of me - but one that sums up the month nicely. :)

January 2012: a close-up on my Secretary Blouse

February: ribbon detail on the hem of a shirt

March: the massive fail that is my Lotus Cami and my new 2012 haircut

April: some local sight-seeing at Sully-sur-Loire

May: this photo epitomizes my new use of scarves as accessories; at the Joan of Arc festival

June: a bolero (and my failed Lotus Cami again, that apparently I only put on for photo purposes)

July: this represents our 2012 summer weather; here I am in my new button-down shirt at Chambord

August: swans at Cheverny

September: my friend Yoon visited; here she is at Marie Antoinette's Hamlet in Versailles

October: T's second Negroni (which he has yet to wear!) with a beautiful fall background

November: the unending project that is my Burda jacket; cuff detail

December: my mom at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

I have a couple days before I go back to work, and I'm trying to use them to craft a bit. So far it's knitting and embroidery...