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Sewing Planning for 2022

Planning sewing projects can sometimes be almost as much fun as actually sewing the projects!  For my personal sewing this coming year, I’m trying to get myself organized a little bit in advance.  This means evaluating what I what/need, both for myself personally and for any gifts that I might want to make.   Thinking about garment sewing for myself includes the additional layer of factoring in any knitting projects I have in my queue.  Knitting sweaters or larger items for adults can require a bigger time investment, but they definitely figure into my wardrobe planning.  Indeed, I’ve found over the years that I keep and use my knit garments a lot longer than I do my sewn garments.  So the time/money investment is worth it for me and I even tend to prioritize these projects over sewing in my free time.  Nevertheless, I intend to carve out more space for garment sewing in 2022. One tool that I’m using to help me hone in on creating a manageable sewing list is the free sewing p

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