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Finished Object: A Striped Cardigan

This has been 98% finished for a month or so: my version of the Bethany Wrap by Amy Miller.  Here's the Ravelry link for those interested.

I say that it's 98% finished because I still have ALL the ends to weave in (stripes, egad!!) and I need to block it.  But if I wait to do that before trying to document the poor will be a long, long wait indeed.

I used my leftover yarn from two different companies and two slightly different weight categories. Crazy, I know!!  But I think they play well together.  I have already used the two yarns on several different projects over the years, so I have an idea of how they should wear and tear over time; I think they are compatible.  I used Rowan RYC Extra Fine Merino DK and the now discontinued (sad!!!) Mission Falls Merino Superwash.

Actually, I used three yarns.  I ran out of a certain color of the Mission Falls and had to finish up with Quince and Company Chickadee.  OK, I am officially crazy.  I believe the result is harmoni…

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