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The Come Back: Me-Made-May 2019

What better reason to get back to blogging than the 10th anniversary of Me-Made-May!?!  My sewing machine has been packed away for the past two years.  I need to wipe off the dust and get her out and about again.

I have not been entirely without making, however.  Some knitting got accomplished. 

And I moved houses, twice.  Here is my current set-up, with the obligatory adorable cat photo:

I don't have much me-made clothing left in my wardrobe, but I am trying to make it work, as is the point of the challenge!  And I want to use this as a catalyst to give myself permission to take the time to sew again.

In the meantime, here is a knitting project I am working on.  It's knit in-the-round and the body is finished, up to the point where I have to join the sleeves:

I have started one sleeve at least three times and here it is in its current state:

So, the shaping caused by the increases is a little too dramatic for my taste.  One of my friends said it makes the sweater look Nancy R…

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