Friday, December 27, 2013

Knitting Change of Plans

Vacation time means knitting time.  I had started the Bubble Cable Dolman sweater, only to realize I wasn't going to have enough yarn.  But that was the only yarn I brought with me to Alsace and I certainly wasn't going to waste my knitting time, so I took a page from Birgitte at Indigo Orchid and decided to knit a February Pullover

Of course, I don't quite have the appropriate needles, so I'm starting with the sleeves.  That may not be the smartest decision ever, but I'm working with what I have!  Anyhow, I hope it works out because I've been rather productive these last few days.  Here's what I've managed to do so far, working both sleeves at the same time on circular needles:

I'm using the leftover Cheval Blanc yarn that I used on my Renaissance Basket Stitch Cardigan.  This will be a pullover and not a cardigan, and in a pretty different stitch configuration, so I figure no one will notice it's the same yarn. :)

Hoping everyone is enjoying the holidays - I'll see you in 2014!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

In Progress...

For a sew-and-show blog, there has been very little showing!  And I suppose, very little sewing!  I've been (slowly) working on some stuff though.

Here's a pic of my cross-stitch:

And one of my pyjamas.  The pocket is absolutely terrible but I need the pyjamas rather urgently so I'm just trying to get them done...well, in a completely lazy way because I only work on them during sewing class.  It's strange, but I don't like to mix projects.  Sewing class projects are ONLY sewing class projects and vice versa.

And here's a photo of a knitting project.  This will eventually be the tweed skirt as pictured here.

Okay, I'm getting in trouble now 'cuz it's time to eat lunch.  So have a good weekend everybody!!