Friday, May 9, 2014

Finished Object: Spring Tunic using Simplicity 2365

I love this make!  Technically speaking, it's not my best work.  I haven't had much time to sew lately, so the skills are a bit rusty.  But the fabric is so happy and soft!  It's like wearing a spring day. :)

I sewed the tunic version (version A of Simplicity 2365), but I shortened it by about 4 inches.  In fact, I imagine I shortened it to be the length of version B.  I sewed on the sleeve tabs, but ultimately I left off the buttons because I can't see myself ever rolling and pinning up the sleeves.

I can see myself making another version of this.  I quite like the mandarin collar and I did a better job making this one than I did with the last one (Simplicity 2339).

I didn't originally plan on pairing it with these pants (as I had intended this fabric to become a dress!) but I'm glad that they work together because I don't have much to match with these green trews.

Not much to add, technically or style-wise.  I put some buttons in the middle, just for fun.  The fabric is a bit transparent, so a camisole underneath is advised. :)

As you may have noticed,  I'm not participating in Me-Made-May this year.  I don't have enough me-mades in my wardrobe to be able to manage something every day.  And honestly even a fun challenge like this is too much on my plate right now!  But I'm enjoying following what everybody else is doing and hopefully I'll be back on the wagon next year. 

One parting shot...

I hope everyone's enjoying some sunshine - have a nice weekend!