Sewing Mojo

What do you do when your sewing mojo is hiding somewhere in the back of the cupboards? These days I can't seem to find motivation to clear off my sewing table and get some seams done. I haven't sewn a single thing in two weeks. I partly blame the weather. The days have been gloomy lately and we don't have good lighting where I sew (in the dining room) to compensate.

But I have been getting lots of knitting done. Over the past two weeks I've nearly completed an entire sweater! I'm taking a little break now because my shoulder is acting up...all that repetitive movement.

However, I can't allow myself to simply not sew because I've kinda sorta committed myself to some Christmas projects. So what do you do when your motivation is ten steps behind you as you are approaching a deadline?

Here are some photos with pretty colors in them, just because:


  1. I've also been a lot more in knitting than sewing mood lately. Good thing I'm making mostly knitted gifts for Christmas. :)

  2. Those are lovely photos, with such colours! Is that maybe a jumper or a hand-warmer seen on your arm in the last? Love that yarn...

  3. Carolyn, those are hand-warmers :)


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