Dress Done: For Now

I have tentatively completed the New Look 6557 dress for my friend. She choose view A, which, upon completion, looks a little Marilyn Monroey. It must be the color we chose, because looking at the pattern cover I don't make that association.

Anyhow, I say that I've tentatively finished because she's not here to try it on. But I'll be in Hawai'i this weekend, yay! I anticipate having to take it in a bit. Also, I left it unhemmed so that she could choose the length and I'd only have to do the hem once.

I don't have a dress form, so this was the best I could do for a photo, sorry!

All in all, it was pretty easy to put together. Rather, it would have been, had my brain been functioning. Because I again made several mistakes. I think maybe when I transferred the markings I wasn't very accurate and this didn't help. I kept sewing the pieces on the wrong way.

I might make a version of this for myself eventually. I'm leaning toward view D (the turquoise one on the cover). The v-neck dips a little low for me. It looks pretty but I know the dress would end up languishing in the closet if I did that version. Whereas I think the neckline in view D should be more within my comfort zone.

Here's a close-up of the inside bodice lining:

Doing the lining was easier than I anticipated too and I'm pretty happy with the turn-out. :) The instructions didn't indicate to cover the lower bodice seam though, and I thought it looked unfinished (especially for my friend who is accustomed to Ready-to-Wear) so I (badly) finished it with some commercial pink bias tape that I had on-hand.

I hope she likes it and it fits! I'll take a photo of her modelling it in Hawai'i :)


  1. Have a fabulous time in Hawai'i! Climb Diamondhead if you get a chance ;) Love the dress!

  2. I think this is a wonderful dress and I am sure that your friend will like it very much.You must make one for yourself.Have a great time in Hawai'i.... I am very envious

  3. That's so pretty! I actually have that pattern, I think I should take it out next summer for a sundress!

    Have fun in Hawai'i, I'm looking forward to the pics!

  4. Is this for Chels? I thought you were making one for Jo?

  5. Keri, yes this is for Chels. I'm making Jo Ann the skirt. I finished her trial version (and it fits) but the real version will have to wait 'til after Christmas.

  6. I'm sure she will love it! So generous of you to make a dress for a friend... and I think you will look lovely in one just like this yourself too!


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