Last Me-Made-May Days: 25 - 31

Whew!!! I kinda ran out of ideas (and clothes) at the end there. I only put together 1 1/2 new outfits. I had never before paired my blue circle shirt with my red linen skirt because the shirt is so huge; putting the red belt with it saved that. And the 1/2 new outfit is me cutting the neckline lower out of a t-shirt and pairing it with my brown linen pants to go to dance class. It was so hot for a couple days there, but now it's back to raining.

Here's the last outfit list of the challenge!!

Day 25: brown linen pants again(Simplicity 2656) + a freshly cut-up t-shirt;
Day 26: Simplicity Lisette 2245 cropped trousers again;
Day 27: Simplicity Built by Wendy 3964 shirt again;
Day 28: Spring Ruffle Top again;
Day 29: top made with Simplicity 2614 again;
Day 30: red linen skirt again (Simplicity 2367), but paired with a new top:
LAST DAY: skirt is again Simplicity 2655, paired with a brand-new fair trade RTW top in a nautical theme, for Zoe!!

With my energy going to styling (ha!) this month, I didn't get much making done. I did progress on two knitting projects and one is nearly done.

And then on June 1st I got out my sewing machine and finished up a shirt in a new pattern! I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it and I've already cut out fabric to make a second version. I'm waiting 'til my better half gets back to take proper pictures though. My motivation for self-portraiture is pretty low right now. ;)

I loved the process, as always, and it helped me find new (and perhaps, better) ways to wear my wardrobe. And of course, I re-identified the gaps I need to fill. More importantly, the sense of community and understanding in the sewing blog world and in the flickr group (and the support from my non-sewing friends!) is always such a boost and continually inspires me.

Thank you everyone and especially Zoe, for organizing this little hand-made love-fest!


  1. I loved seeing your wardrobe-wasn't this fun? Exhausting in the amount of attention paid to clothing, but fun to see a variety of styles.

  2. I like these outfits most of all! So cute!

  3. Congratulations on making the month! Lovely selection of outfits as ever...enjoy the rest of the summer making some more!

  4. Good work!

  5. Lovely outfits - I like your 3964! I can sympathise with self portrait burnout. It was fun to see your outfits all month though. x


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