Productivity, or the Lack Thereof

It's been pretty quiet over here lately and I haven't been super productive craft-wise either. But neither have I been completely inactive. Here's a summary of what I've been up to. ;)

I've nearly finished the back for a new cardigan. This pattern is very straightforward, hardly any shaping, so I'm hoping I won't have any nasty last minute surprises like with my grey cardigan.

I'm using Cheval Blanc yarn and the pattern is found in the Saturday Afternoon booklet by Classic Elite Yarns. It's the Renaissance Basket Stitch Cardigan designed by Kathy Zimmerman - the red sweater in the photograph. I really love the back of that green sweater next to it, but the front is terribly boring. If it's not doing the model any favors, I'm sure not going to attempt it.

Other than that, I recently started an art project. It looks like a giant mess still, but here's where I am with it. You might recognize some of the fabric from my various projects.

A close-up on the embroidery:

I'll explain what it's supposed to be when I'm further along!

And finally, my sewing class has started back up again so I'll be picking back up with my wool jacket. Other jacket patterns have been tempting me, but I need to finish this one first. In short, I need to get it together and finish up some stuff!


  1. That shade of yarn is lovely, I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. I like the green cardigan as well, I think it would look better from the front if the neckline wasn't as high

  2. Oh, loving the look of that sweater! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I like the pattern on the cardigan! And the embroidery looks intriguing.... :)

  4. The yarn is so lovely - the cardigan is going to be stunning! I learned increase and decrease last night so soon I will be rocking out sweaters like you :) I am intrigued by the embroidery - I cant wait to see the big reveal :)

  5. Oh, how very exciting with the art project, can´t wait to see what it turnes in to!
    Hope you´ll be happy with the sweater, it looks terrific, I love the stitch in the design. Very pretty!


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