Orléans Lookbook

Here's another local magazine - this one's called Rococo - with some photos of everyday fashion.

I'm not especially inspired by this page. Black, black, black everywhere:

But this page is a little more interesting.

I wouldn't wear those leggings, but at least it's different. And I like that she combined them with the mint-colored sweater.

And Samantha's style is something I could see myself doing.

What do you think? Is this what girls (they seem to be mainly girls here, i.e., teenagers or 20-somethings) in your town dress like?


  1. That is interesting, since yes, those looks are identical to how young Aussie girls would dress in winter too :)

  2. Haha, yep, these girls look much like NYC girls! That's pretty funny...

  3. You have an award in my blog :-)

  4. Interesting... they do look quite like some of the girls in my town. xx

  5. I saw quite a few young girls wearing similar leggings earlier today.


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