I recently acquired a couple more old fashion magazines from a flea market in Paris. The oldest one I purchased is from 1909! It blows me away to have something in my magazine collection that is over one hundred years old.

I thought I'd share a couple scans with you...only the cover is in color, the rest is in black and white.

Here's the cover, croquet style (I originally thought she was playing golf; I guess I wasn't wearing my glasses!):

And more sports. It's nice to see a woman's magazine have so many sporty images. Bathing suits:

The table of contents:

Like the other fashion magazine I showed you, this one has a serial story and a poem, but without illustrations.

And here's a list of conversation starters, for when you give those dinner parties. For example, they say that at that time (in 1909) the country that consumed the most meat was Australia, at 119 kilos per inhabitant per year. Then next came the US, at 68 kg, then England at 59 kg, then Germany with 45 kg, France at 35 kg, Denmark at 34 kg, Belgium at 32 kg, and finally, Switzerland at 28 kg. I imagine the US is now the leader in meat consumption; I wonder what the other statistics are...

Check out this outfit; nice hats, eh?

And finally, here's the back cover. Even more sports, yay! Look, you can even pay for it on credit! Consumer culture all the way back then.

Plus, I just want to say thank you to Carolyn for giving me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

And I'd like to pass it along to some bloggers who inspire me and whose blogs are relatively new to me:

Checkout Girl
Tea and Crumpets
An Amazon Sews
Adri Prints
Alexandra Mason
Suzy Sewing

Happy week everybody!


  1. I love old magazines like these and well done with your award too!

  2. Wow 1909 - that is amazing to me and what a great magazine. I love the golf image. I really like that blouse and skirt style in the golfing pic. xx

  3. Whoops! Apparently it's croquet and not golf!

  4. Love the cover! Very jaunty. And congrats on the award. :-)

    1. Trying the OpenID thing and it's not quite working right. Anyway, this is Kate (from twolittlecabbagesandcie) and I think that my OpenID is actually this: http://twolittlecabbages.myopenid.com (not the string of numbers above!). Ah, technology...!

    2. I love the colors on the cover... :)

  5. Hello

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’ve linked to your blog on this post today.


    I do hope this is OK,
    Best wishes

  6. What a great find! Love the cover. (And all the rest of it!)

    I got curious and found a chart online representing the current meat consumption stats, it's here if you want to know: http://chartsbin.com/view/bhy

    Crazily enough, Luxembourg leads the way! The US is second, at nearly 123kg per person.

    1. That does seem odd that Luxembourg is first! But, why not? ;)

  7. How beautiful!
    The meat consumption chart is interesting too. How things change!

  8. It IS very cool to have magazine that old! very cool. :-) I love those conversation starters. Very convenient;-)


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