An Assembly of Objects

It seems like a long time since I've done a proper Finished Object post!  And this isn't going to be one, not really.  I've had much craft time lately but I have been working a bit on various projects. 

Here's some in-progress shots of some knitting and a skirt:

I'm working on a Rowan design (my first ever) Trillium by Erika Knight. It's made with cotton yarn and I'm sure it won't be ready to wear this summer, but the design seems pretty timeless, so next summer is okay by me. :)

And here is a terrible in-progress shot of another version of my self-drafted pencil skirt, this time using the wool remnants from my almost-finished-but-will-never-fit-me Burda jacket:

All that remains to do is: a) the back slit; b) hem it; and c) create buttonhole/sew on button.  So this should be finished by the end of my sewing class on Thursday night.  Next time I use this pattern I really need to add some pockets!!

I do have one finished object to show you.  However, it's not terribly exciting.  As a favor to a friend I made a couch cushion cover out of some curtains that she bought.  

You can see how big the cushion is; it's the bottom seat cushion.  I had to get major help from my sewing teacher 'cuz I wasn't sure how to go about doing it.  And I don't even want to calculate the miles (or rather, kilometers, since this is France) that this cushion racked up before the project was finished.  It was originally in Biarritz, then Paris (via the Alps), then Orleans, then it's going back to Biarritz tomorrow.

That's T. being funny.
Anyhow, we basically made a fitted sheet for it.  The fabric is fake-suede.  There's a picture of the bottom side with the elastic gathering.

And here's a close-up on a pretty nicely-done corner, thanks to my teacher's expert guidance:

This was actually pretty straightforward to do but if I tried to figure it out on my own the result would've looked a lot less made-to-measure and a lot more home-made.  It doesn't look like it, but the cushion isn't really rectangular.  It has a weird lip on the front and along the sides.  

Another element was that we had to make holes for the buckles.  So, buttonholer here we come!

And that's T. pretending to hide.

My friend wanted me to add some velcro on the bottom to help prevent it from sliding, but I ran out of time!  I guess she can do that herself, right??!!??


  1. You have been busy - loving the colour of the wool you are using!

  2. Oh, those tiny perfect stitches on your knitting. It looks really complicated, but perfect!
    I think you are a very generous friend :)

    1. It's thanks to her that I got to go to London in May (??) so it was the least I could do! :)

  3. the yarn/stitch pattern combo on that sweater is perfect, I want to steal it!

    1. The finished version on Ravelry look super cute, so I have high hopes for this! :)

  4. I love the colour of your knitting. I am itching to start a knitting project at the moment. The cushion cover looks impressive too - lucky friend!


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