Burda Jacket Finally Finished (okay, well, almost)!

My Burda Austrian-style jacket has been nearly finished for some time.  I held off on the finishing touches because the jacket simply didn't fit me and I didn't see much point in putting in the work.  But then I had the bright idea that the jacket might fit my boss, so I showed it to her, and she liked it.  So, yay, motivation for finishing!

I had several button choices to offer her, and she chose the more subtle ones.  I think she made an excellent choice.

Here's the jacket on the table at work (all pics taken with my cell phone):

And here's my boss modelling it:

It definitely fits her better than me.  I do to need to add some finishing touches to the sleeves so that she can turn them up and button them close.

And I need to reattach the non-functional buttons on the right-side (facing).  They are all just slightly off.

Speaking of buttons, here's a close-up:

I have some other finished projects too; I've just been waiting for it to stop raining (for at least a month!) so that I can take pictures. :)


  1. What a pity! But finally the jacket will have an owner :-)
    The buttons are sooooo pretty!! And I love the fabric. It turned out very well!!!

  2. The jacket is lovely - both style and colour. Lucky boss!

  3. The jacket looks wonderful and so well made. How frustrating for you that it didn't fit. I think you are very nice to give it to your boss!

  4. Oh, this does look good on her! You're so kind to think of her!

  5. Thanks everybody - I'm just glad somebody will wear it! Well, I hope anyhow!

  6. Good on you for finishing the jacket! It looks so lovely, it must have been hard to five it up, but how wonderful that it fits your boss so well. :) The buttons look perfect with the fabric, what an amazing find!


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