Blog, Interrupted

I moved!!!  There have been some changes in my personal life that put my crafting life on hold.  I am finally on vacation, so I'm taking advantage of the free time to try to organize and decorate my new apartment.

Here's a view of my new living room, complete with cats:

 Looking more toward the kitchen:

With a little luck, I'll even start sewing again before I have to go back to work.  I want to start with something quick and easy.  So I'm thinking of re-using a pattern I know.  But, of course, those new  patterns are tempting.  I think I've pretty much decided, but here are my choices.

First, in tops, I'm thinking another Renfrew, another little peasant blouse, or another short-sleeve shirt of some kind.

OK, you're right.  I decided already.  I want to make this Lisette top in this crazy owl fabric.  I know, it's a little too much.  But I think the slouchy look with the crazy fabric ... and the right pants ... could totally work.  Is it too crazy?


On the short-list is another dress ... I'm leaning toward the maxi knit dress in a turquoise jersey.  But starting a new project in jersey is not my idea of easing into it!!

I like the two Lisette dresses - a lot - but I don't have the appropriate fabric to make them.  And I am absolutely positively sewing from my stash!!

Otherwise, I did finish some sewing recently.  I finally finished my Colette Beignet, but it's too big.  And I really don't want to go back in and shrink it up.  There's the lining and all that.  So I'll live with this version being too big and if I make another one, I'll go down a size.  But doing all those buttons was a wee bit of a chore, so I don't envisage another one right away.  One day I'll put up a F.O. photo ... one day

In the meantime, enjoy some cat pictures. ;)

Oohh, gonna getcha!!

'Til next time!!


  1. Oh hello again! Ypur new apartment looks lovely (.I see you are a fellow book addict!) and doesn't having pets make anywhere seem like home so quickly? I liked reading your sewing plans. I also really like it when sewers pick bold fabric so I would love to see your owl top made up, after all we sew to please ourselves!

  2. The cats look as though they have settled in very quickly! Please make the owl top - the fabric is amazing!

  3. Hello! Your new apartment is adorable, and looks so cheerful and cosy with all your lovely bright colourful things in there. And the owl fabric; DO IT!! If you like a style then definitely I reckon make it several times, as many times as you like :)

  4. I'm going to go for it - just as soon as I get back from the mountains!! ;)

  5. The new apartment looks lovely. I have made the portfolio top and wear it lots. It came up quite short though, just to warn you. I think the owls will look great as a portfolio. I also like the look of the other patterns. Have a great trip to the mountains xx


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