An Orléans Fashion Update!!

It's time for our monthly whenever-I-feel-like-it fashion update with Edith, the woman's rag in Orléans.

Here's what they feel are the must-have fall looks...what do you think, does this look like fashion in your city??

This plaza is just outside of my new apartment!

A little Archer, any one?

I feel like the red shoes push the matchy-matchiness too far; otherwise I like this outfit.  But with black shoes.  What do you think?

And for the kids...

 Or for the adults, why not? ;)


  1. Yes, those red shoes are definitely too matchy, matchy.

    BTW, I nominated you for a blog hop on writing. You can see more details on my blog. If you're up for the task it would be interesting to read your thoughts, if you don't htink it seems fun, don't do it. Blogging should be fun!


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