Blog Hop: Why do I do it?

Helena from was kind enough to invite me to participate in this blog hop a few weeks (??) ago and I'm taking advantage of a(n) (unusual) day off to finally do it!!

I have loved reading every one's thoughts about their creative processes, both for blogging and sewing/crafting/making art.  It offers a different perspective into people's personalities.  And it reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with one of my students.  She is a professional photographer who has recently gone back to study photography as a fine art (rather than as an 'applied art,' which is her original degree) and as part of that process, she has to write an artist's statement describing her work and motivations, intentions, etc.  She said she had never really thought about it before, she just did it because she feels most comfortable, most herself, with a camera.  And then we had a really lovely two-hour conversation about her approach and why she doesn't call still-lifes, still-lifes, but rather, portraits of objects. :)

Anyhow, I digress, but only a little.  I haven't thought so much about why I blog or make things, but I'll try to find an answer (justification?).

Parc Floral, Orleans, 2011.
 Question 1: Why do you write and make stuff?

I started blogging when I was only working part-time and I really wanted to connect with people who were making things with textiles, either sewing or knitting or anything really.  I was inspired by reading blogs and I wanted to join that conversation.

Why do I write in general?  I write because I breathe, I imagine.  But my blog writing is a very special category of writing, and I hesitate to say it, but I think my blog writing is rather sterile compared to my other types of writing.  For some reason I dampen a lot of my personality on my blog...fear of too much exposure perhaps?

So why do I make stuff then, sewing and such-like?  I realize that my blog is much more of a craft blog than a sewing blog; I'm a mediocre seamstress at best.  I really enjoy embroidery and knitting much more than sewing.  I like the finished products of sewing, but the process is more stressful to me.  It seems more about math with rules and order, whereas embroidery and knitting seem more organic, whatever that means.  I feel freer to adapt and change and invent when I knit or embroider.  But I love playing with colors and textures and I think that's why I craft in general.

Question 2:  What is your writing / creative process?

I basically wait until the spirit moves me.  And then I just go with the flow.  I have tried (and still try sometimes) to sew with a plan, to be practical regarding my wardrobe needs, but I am generally only 50% successful there because, ultimately, I make stuff 'cuz I want to and not 'cuz I should.  I think I need to give myself that creative space to just do whatever and stop trying to be organized.

This applies to my writing as well. ;)

Question 3: How does your blog differ from others in its genre?

Yeah...I don't think it does unless you consider being a little slow and lackluster sometimes as differing.  Otherwise, I think it's a typical sew-and-show blog.

Question 4: How do you keep motivated to blog?

I am motivated to blog when I read my blog-friends' posts.  I am always inspired by what people share.  Also, just being in nature or in town, noticing beautiful or intriguing things around me inspires me to blog.  I blog if and when I have time, but if I had more of that, then I would blog more often. :)

Question 5: What are you working on right now?

The only craft project I am actively working on right now is cross-stitch, destined to be a present for some special people, and long, long overdue.

Otherwise, I am constantly working on things in my head.  Does that count?

Anglet, France, 2011.
 Now, I believe I am supposed to invite two bloggers to share their thoughts on their process, etc.  I would really like to know more about the inspiration behind these two blogs: and  Looking forward to hearing from you two, if that floats your boat!! ;)


  1. Wow!! You made my morning!!
    I have been very remiss lately not only in the writing of my own blog but also in the catching up of reading other peoples blogs.I sat down this morning and decided to see what had been going on out there and the first blog I turned to was this one ...and read your very interesting post only to see my blog mentioned at the bottom!
    Don't underestimate the talent you have for making the lovely clothes that you sew...we all listen far too much to that nagging inner critic that never seems to disappear.

    1. And you in turn totally made my morning! I'm always amazed that people are interested in what I do. And I am completely blown away by the art you have been sharing lately on your blog. You are so talented and inspiring :) Thanks for the support and encouragement.

  2. I can relate to not being into the math and order of sewing. I feel like I'm not really a "natural" sewer... it's something that I do although my inclinations and natural talents definitely don't help me! I like to try different things and see if they work rather than stick to the rules in sewing! You are such a beautiful knitter- you can tell how passionate you are about it just by your results!

  3. thank you - I am touched you chose me. I don't think of your blog as lacklustre at all! I love your sewing especially as I think it suits your real life and I love that you don't get sucked into the latest pattern crazes. Great knitting too,
    I will respond but it may take a while xx

    1. Take your time!! Sometimes I get sucked into pattern crazes...It's taken me some time to recognize that Colette patterns are just not drafted for my body type. I keep trying 'cuz I like the patterns...but I keep failing!

  4. It's really interesting to read about all of our different creative processes. As for me, I'd rather read a "slow blog" where the posts are well-thought out than a "fast" blog with many posts just to post. I think your blog has a bit of a serene quality with comfortable clothes and beautiful surroundings (biased as I am in love with France)


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