Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blog, Interrupted

I moved!!!  There have been some changes in my personal life that put my crafting life on hold.  I am finally on vacation, so I'm taking advantage of the free time to try to organize and decorate my new apartment.

Here's a view of my new living room, complete with cats:

 Looking more toward the kitchen:

With a little luck, I'll even start sewing again before I have to go back to work.  I want to start with something quick and easy.  So I'm thinking of re-using a pattern I know.  But, of course, those new  patterns are tempting.  I think I've pretty much decided, but here are my choices.

First, in tops, I'm thinking another Renfrew, another little peasant blouse, or another short-sleeve shirt of some kind.

OK, you're right.  I decided already.  I want to make this Lisette top in this crazy owl fabric.  I know, it's a little too much.  But I think the slouchy look with the crazy fabric ... and the right pants ... could totally work.  Is it too crazy?


On the short-list is another dress ... I'm leaning toward the maxi knit dress in a turquoise jersey.  But starting a new project in jersey is not my idea of easing into it!!

I like the two Lisette dresses - a lot - but I don't have the appropriate fabric to make them.  And I am absolutely positively sewing from my stash!!

Otherwise, I did finish some sewing recently.  I finally finished my Colette Beignet, but it's too big.  And I really don't want to go back in and shrink it up.  There's the lining and all that.  So I'll live with this version being too big and if I make another one, I'll go down a size.  But doing all those buttons was a wee bit of a chore, so I don't envisage another one right away.  One day I'll put up a F.O. photo ... one day

In the meantime, enjoy some cat pictures. ;)

Oohh, gonna getcha!!

'Til next time!!