Knitting/Frogging in Progress

I was inspired by this post to show some of my in-progress works.  Right now I have some giant messes on my hands...

This is being frogged because of the two different colors of red yarn (noticed too late in the game, n'est-ce pas):

For some reason I am unable to find that one thread to just pull and unravel it all, so I'm forced to unknit it really.  Very time-consuming.  And odd.  This was a project from a Rowan magazine that had so much potential, but the result was bad, bad, bad.

In addition to the two different colors of red, the neckline turned out super funky.  I think I'm not good at decreasing into a V-neck while maintaining a lace pattern...

And this project is another mess.  I feel like there's a mistake in the calculations somewhere (or possibly it's just me) because I've started it twice and followed the directions very faithfully (I believe) and the anchor-motif at the join gets messed up every time. 

I started it a third time and tried eliminating all the decreases, but that still didn't work.  And there are no comments about this being a problem in Ravelry, so I think it's just me.  But still, it's not working and I don't know why, so it's being unraveled.  At least this one unravels easily!

And there's never two without three (or four, or five), so this project needs starting over a third time as it is still too small ... I think. 

So basically I need a win.  I need to make something relatively simple and from my stash.  OK, here I go back to trolling my Ravelry queue. :P


  1. I love the red yarn in the first picture. But it all sounds so frustrating. Decreasing and maintaining a lace pattern is beyond my knitting. I hope you find a satisfying pattern in your bracelet.x

  2. Oh, that's really hard to have to unravel all that work! I'm feeling sympathetic pain with you right now. I have a slightly unsatisfactory knitting project on the needles at the moment and I'm dreading the thought I might have to undo it. Still keeping my fingers crossed it will be ok. :)


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