Looking Back at My Me-Mades: the Madras Shirt

Here's a bit of rambling wardrobe analysis, focusing on one particular item in my wardrobe...

I still regularly wear most of the sweaters and scarves and hats that I've knit for myself over the years, but most of the garments I've sewn have bit the dust.  I still (nearly weekly) wear two tops in spring/summer.  And in winter, I have two skirts and a jersey top that I'm faithful to.  But all the others have gone, baby gone!

So I wanted to take a moment to compose a visual ode to the most-worn garment in my wardrobe, a much-beloved version of Simplicity 2501 that I made two years ago, from some martiniquais madras that a friend gave me.

I noticed how often I wear it because it kept popping up in my vacation pictures!

A view of the back...

And here's another picture taken about a month later - the same outfit!  I'm sweating it out at the Nashville Tomato Festival:

I realize that I'm dressed in tomato colors...this was completely unplanned.  I could've competed in the "tomato" fashion competition I suppose, but it was too hot to do anything but guzzle water and walk listlessly around the stands.

This is frankly not my best quality work.  It was a rush job - I seem to remember needing a tank top before vacation because the temperature skyrocketed.  The hemming is particularly awful and I have to pay careful attention when I iron it so that the inside part stays inside!! 

But I love this top.  I think it represents a lot of my style and personality with the colors and the plaid and the big crazy glass buttons.  It has my two favorite shades of green!  And frankly it's really easy to wear - definitely comfortable, yet flattering (I think).

I can dress it down in jeans or dress it up a bit like I'm doing in these photos.  It is inconvenient in that I have to iron it, but I love it so much that I iron that sucker nearly every week!  Plus I can layer it with a cardigan when the weather turns colder.  This is just a BIG BIG winner.  And such sloppy sewing, ha!  I suppose I could redo the hem, but you know I'm not doing that!

I had just enough of this fabric to squeeze out a tank top and I certainly didn't expect to be wearing it this often.  I will be sad when I have to retire it!  What about you?  Any sewing surprises?  Anything you unexpectedly end up wearing A LOT?  Ever had a love affair with a shirt? ;)

I think this says it all about me and my shirt:

Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. I like the top , so bright and sweet. I also really like those red trousers. I wear my glasses sleeveless top endlessly at the moment but it must be my portfolio dress that i still love and wear after about four years since making it! Xx

  2. Love it!! I am in the hunt for a pattern for 3 meters of pinkish madras silk. I bought it with no idea what to make of it, and I'm still in the dark!

  3. Cute top!!!! I made a laurel dress in cotton madras, and surprisingly I am wearing it a lot :-)


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