Colette Wardrobe Architect Experimentation: Silhouette 1 - Fall Short Skirt

Fall Short Skirt

Soooo...I finally decided to try Colette's Wardrobe Architect plan.  
I've filled out the first three worksheets and am now doing the part about 
 creating silhouettes.  And I'm trying out Polyvore for the first time. 

So the above is what I came up with for my first fall silhouette.  

A combo of pullover and floaty skirt with tights/boots.  

This is a combo I already wear several times a week.  So I don't know if this helps me. 
I already know that I like and wear this.  Maybe now I should take some pictures 
to see if it's actually a good silhouette for me.

Anyhow, this is a rather brutal post because I wasn't quite planning on blogging it,
but then Polyvore had that option and I wanted to test it out, 
so here we are bam!! 

Welcome to 2016!!


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