February Works

I have lots of WIPs, it's great!  These pants are nearly finished, I just need to do the bottom part.  Made from Simplicity 2656.

This was the second time I've made this pattern, but I completely forgot everything about the construction.  So I had to do several steps twice and there were a lot of furrowed brows.  Frankly, the instructions leave something to be desired.

The trousers were made for a friend and she stopped by today to try them on.  I won't post photos of her modelling them until they're completely done, but I think the fit was good.  Close enough for gov't work in any case!

Using the laundry drying rack as a model, so classy.
Plus an enormous skirt...

I recently discovered the plastic Burda tracing sheets.  They're not bad.  I wasn't convinced at first, but I especially like them for storage.

And a top to go with the enormous skirt...

The top and the pants use fabric from stash, but the skirt was a big purchase: seven meters!  On sale; oh yeah, you know I waited for that!

Sewing with cats, always a pleasure!


  1. WOW!!! You are sewing a lot! Love the trousers!

    1. Thanks! Still not enough - never enough time! ;)

  2. Those trousers look intriguing. Yay for sewing time!


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